Hot Right Now: The sad fate of Jar Jar Binks has finally been revealed (4 photos)

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (39 Photos)

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  • lolly lolface

    #31 – She ded G'

  • zoomum3

    #4 made my monday a little brighter

  • Truth.Inc

    #39 Kill it with fire. Asian women are ugly – lying with overdone makeup, and most have penises. Stop posting pictures of these horrible people.

    • Darth Neegro

      That and almost all of them have no tits, flat asses, and the child-bearing hips of a teenage boy.

  • sceneitb4

    #39 If the Chive has taught me anything about Asian girls, it's that a phrase like "wait for it… wait for it… and… boner" could mean hers just as easily.

    • cadguy9977

      That my friend is an excellent point

  • Allenavw

    #39 I can longer trust that Asian girls are actually girls.

    • Whoever

      Why care?

  • Herp

    #31 Just thought you’d like to know she’s dead. Like, in the picture. That’s what’s wrong with her.

  • Billy the Accountant

    Fucking finally somebody else noticed that shit. Dude chive WTF stop posting straight up child softcore porn.

    • bob loblaw

      for real..this picture creeps the shit out of me every time i see it, and it's all over the place on here.

    • kiwiflash

      Fuck off

  • bambam

    #8, is that not a bus? Doesn’t look much like the inside of a plane to me

  • MacNCheesePro

    #33 I hope that's part of Bin laden's punishment in the afterlife.

  • Name

    The uncut european version, Leon, is even better.

  • Bob

    #24 makes me superhorny every time……

  • Friday Friday

    #15 AMEN!

  • Apple


  • Andrea

    Number 32. There have been photobombed too!!! LOL

  • Carmine

    #29 damn you chive, i lol'd but my family is from WV

  • Steven

    #23 …Said the Pedobear

  • db3300

    #12 Seriously, what is wrong with this … wait … Gibby??

  • pen_lemon

    #15 me to!!!

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  • Alec

    #8 Moose Knuckle*

  • Dan

    I live right around the corner from a Condoms To Go. It's a classy establishment. Actually, it's right across the street from a Condom Sense too… Way to go, Dallas.


  • AeroMace

    #36 Greenville Ave in Dallas, Tx baby! lol

  • Khaqan Javaid

    its people like that who give religion a bad name!

    • Khaqan Javaid

      lol! i got the wrong post with the right comment

      • Khaqan Javaid

        I have got to stop opening too many windows!! too much Chive! gone to my head! :S
        i meant #28

  • Lee

    36 is right by SMU, GO 'STANGS!
    Don't get caption on 25

  • Adriana Byproxymoron Garcia

    #15 = fuck yes. He-man was the shit. Also…all of those other cartoons.

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