Kim Jong-il stares at things Part II (30 Photos)

Last week we featured a gallery of North Korea's 'Dear Leader' doing what he does best, staring at things. It made for some great captions and I personally just think this guy is endless joke fodder so here we go again...

  • Jimmy5923

    #30 nice fuckin jacket.

  • John

    Note how #8 has been manipulated. Kim Jong Ils shadow falls differently than the others and the line in the little wall by their legs is not present behind him.

  • Dan Hewett

    this man… is in charge of a whole country… in what other nation would he be allowed to control more than a pair of pink bunny slippers?

  • JohnnieStar

    #5 “Where’s the BEEF!”

  • OneEndedStick

    #24 What eva rittle boy I got 400 gigs of porn at home anyrays

  • top dog

    #2, Hmmmmmmmm!!! Why they no have tits?

  • Jack Mehoff

    "I takie home to rife, she rike big corn". #13

  • SomeoneLessFamiliar

    #12 looks like a horrible album cover.

  • Danielle

    All of them my sperms ???

  • Jimbob Jones

    #16 I can only imagine the genocide that would have ensued if that piece of string snapped.

  • Reed

    Classic observation, Jimbob. Made me laugh my ars off!

  • Liv

    #18 not rearry brue… more of a peririnker

  • Chuck

    That dude is just OG!!!!!

  • TheBiffer

    Rook at me,
    now back at your leader,
    now back at your…

    Hang on, this does not work

  • viasol



  • Mark

    #16 "C'mon guys, lets get this meat organized, he'll be here for inspection in 3 days"
    BAM (trapdoor swings open)

  • Guest

    #4 I has a bucket

  • Panayiotis Markou

    this guy sure saw a lot of things in his life 🙂

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