• markkens

    Yeah, after I've had a few LIIT's I usually don't care how long it takes to get the next one

  • Yannick

    Ok.. Well, I changed my mind… Give me a Bud light instead.

  • Josh Gainer

    i wouldnt make it thro the 1st 5 "tricks" or w/e before screamin "BITCH JUST GIVE ME MY DAMN DRANK"

  • Dicgozinia

    Can I please just get my cocktail! I bet her drinks suck ass and are $20.00

  • Chris P.

    I am disappointed by the negativity displayed by this generally positive crowd. First off you go to a flair bartender for the same reason you watch the X-games, to see people do things that are impressive and you can't to. Secondly the drinks probably are better then the ones you get from your corner bar because even if they only compete and don't even tend bar for a living they have to know and be able to make 100+ different drinks. If you wanna quick drink just ask for it and if you don't wanna see guys doing back flips on skateboards and bicycles go watch them a the park.

  • OOOO

    revolution in sex doing styles

  • Mikerhinos

    "Why did you do all that ? I told you i just wanted a fucking drink ! You can keep it i'm not thirsty anymore, didn't want to die so i had drink my own piss"


  • HardCoreMike

    Worked fine for us… too bad your internet provider sux ass.

  • Anonymous

    as a bartender myself WOW! really well done flair

  • MikeofLA

    my first thought exactly!

  • samwise

    1. just pour the f*cking drink!
    2. all that sh*t and she didnt even mix the drink togeather fully..
    3. no sandwich

  • Bktowrk

    How's about you just fix my damned drink and you can juggle on your own time.

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  • Buckethead

    I know you're bored but just make me a drink

  • jeff

    aaaaaand that'll be 20 dollars each

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