This looks shopped… (32 photos)

  • Maty

    YES! They finally delivered my flesh light!

  • gord

    oral, straight or anal…… no moterboat oh well I can live with that.


    Must be hightide!

  • sandi

    #19 hahahah, love it. very underrated flick

  • Brother Maynard

    #26 in in my backyard and not shopped.

  • dave mitchell

    whats the shop in 12? its circled and i still cant see anything wrong with it

    • Daeway

      Don't know if it's a rethorical question or not, but there is no front wheel. Unless Turkish airlines invented a large Hoover Board, the nose should be on the ground.

  • iambigd42

    #14 What? This isn't shopped, it's Light Beer

  • Ripple

    #21 this is making my eyes hurt

  • Jake

    #10 Bay To Breakers- hands down best 1 day party in US. 100,000 drunk people in costumes walking around SF.

  • busted


    • BloodScrubber

      More like TOCGU…. (tip over can't get up) .

      • GK-4

        …or the most effective breakdancer the world will ever know?

  • nemesis

    #30 "Hey dude, I heard you like to…"

  • Matt

    # 8 isn't shopped, it's a true story of love between a man and a goose:

  • Matt

    #8 isn't shopped, it's a true story of love between a man and a goose:

  • Frank

    #27 I took this picture

  • Warlock

    #18 i'd still do it

  • hitechsailor

    #27 Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands. Been there a few times, missed seeing that. Have to go again.:)

  • Allenavw

    #29 Some of these are actually ridiculously creepy.

  • Robert Smith

    14 redefines a "light" beer!

    • dumbbbb

      #14 numeric fail

  • Capitalsfan74

    #1 May be photoshopped, but still 100% accurate…

  • oldboy

    #18 – I'd foke it…. and so would you, you lyin koonts!

  • Anonymous
  • The_Skid


    Meanwhile, in Morhdorh.

  • sirrix

    Actually, #8 was not shopped. There was a whole story about this goose and the guy she follows around in the LA Times. Pretty cool story.

  • jdb

    I applaud as well. Stay witty my friend.

  • ffokcuf

    Hell yeah…right down the street from me…in San Antonio….I do not care what the ass hats in Universal City say!

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