Casa de La Flora Resort: A getaway we all deserve (20 HQ Photos)

This resort located on the majestic Khao Lak beach, in Thailand is one of a kind. For a modest price of about $600 a night you may enjoy the 5 star hotel/resort deluxe rooms. What do you think, worth it??


  • Robert

    $600 isn't too bad. They have some crappy hotels that charge that per night.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    pretty bad ass…..

  • urmomisoverhere

    #13 and #18 come with the room, right?

  • Santana

    Thailand has a broad range of hotels with differing names from differing places. Casa de La Flora is probably from a chain of hotels originating in another location. I will say this, while I was deployed a buddy of mine and I went to Thailand to stay at a villa we found online and had one of the most epic times of our lives. If at all possible and you have the means to go to Thailand, check it out. It's worth the trip. Also, if you go, don't freaking miss the full moon party. It's ridiculous fun.

  • Gavin Hudson

    If you've got $600 a night to spend it Thailand, there are better ways to spend it. You can go five star for less than $100 per night. For $200 you can have all the fun you want! If you want #18, well, in Thailand $50 will get you that and then some (so I hear).

    In Laos we were spending $2 per night for a riverside chalet with hammocks and the best view ever.

  • gwangii

    looks like the buildings are designed to let a storm/tsunami blow right through them,

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