• Matt


    • Cake is a Lie

      yeah.. when we say find her, we dont really want to know her name and shit, we just want to see more pictures of her ass… so, good job.

  • MigraineBoy

    Great…Another boner I will have to explain to my girlfriend…

    • advil

      you mean explain to your mom since you live in her basement.

      • Scott


    • Angry Kid

      You have to explain boners to your girlfriend….???? *Confused Face*

    • HuskerDu

      My Girlfriend… *name of pet chinchilla

    • Nina

      I believe it's time for you to introduce your girlfriend to The Chive. We need more Chivettes! 🙂

    • Twenty


  • @LloydCarPoolLn

    that is perfection!!!!!!

    • TresselLovesTrannies

      I'll compliment your avatar/username before the OSUcks trolls venture from their mom's basements with their barely coherent droolings.

    • Urban

      Cute and kind of beautiful, but not close to perfection.

  • leocast


  • kirk

    insert name here….

    • damon

      insert penis here… #2

    • Blumpkin

      I shall call her juggs!

  • Jak

    With looks like that she doesn't need a name. #6

    • ROK247

      i want to eat frosted mini wheats off that thing DANG

  • Terry Burke

    i like this… a lot

  • Stafferty

    I just made the cartoon wolf howl…in my office. I'm comfortable with the decision

    • Terry Burke

      you're awesome

  • LINK

    #4 buttahface!!

    • rich

      great body, ugly face. yes this is the chive.

    • MadManDad

      DICK! You can hardly see her face and it still looks good

    • truthteller

      Yup ,dfntly a butterface. And yes she/he needs a shave.

  • sirforsyth

    Let's hear it for body parts! (Again…)

  • Danger Pat

    You could make up a name for all I care.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #6 I bet her middle name is "Dayum!" Ackbar approves.

    • errrr

      if you look close enough….she either has a thread hanging down or a giant miss shaved pube.

      • ranD

        i thumbed you down just cause the level of creepiness it took to notice this

        • errrr

          well…if your looking where your supposed to be looking…its not hard to see, nor creepy.

  • jojobean

    I do her…mustache and all #4

    • Faclo09

      I was going to say, I do detect a hint of 'stache.

  • delish

    it appears as though she shaves too. #5

  • Guest Guy

    Great bod. Hope we get more pics, but for me these two are the best of this bunch. #3 #5

    • A Fan

      I need 5 to pan down just a bit…

  • Birdhaus32

    That's the kind of woman that'll make you FAP at work!

  • Jake

    "You have… an absolutely breathtaking.. hiney. I mean that thing is good." #6

  • Ramon

    Nice Pics to shoot my wad!!

  • hMMMM

    I think we've seen just enough of the face?

  • David

    #6 Cheer!!

  • SWG Fan

    I want to touch #6 very badly.

  • jetrome

    #6 With a booty like that, I probably just forget her name anyway…

  • KeyserSoze


    You guys are creating artificial demand by producing low quantities. Print some fucking shirts already. You're running a business not a clubhouse. You know what. Fuck it, i don't want one anymore….

    • Kaars

      I want one, but would prefer not to pay for it. If only I had some boobs or something…

  • Mark

    WOW! I don't know who she is, but Chivette, if you are out there, PLEASE reveal yourself (and send more great pics of that luscious tush)!

  • Tomas


    • Blumpkin

      It's been done

      • Tomas

        Just agreeing in CAPs. 😉

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