Mythical Chive Logo Tees Have Returned

chive logo lead Mythical Chive Logo Tees Have Returned

As most of you know, since we opened theCHIVERY, we haven’t been able keep the black CHIVE Logo Tees on the shelf more than just a couple hours. Today, we have a new shipment of the black and white bad boys but we don’t expect the tees to last for long.

Also for a short time today, we have Banksy’s Crayon Shooter and Flower Thrower in stock.

For the few who do get their hands on the tee, I’m told it’s best to wear to bars and sporting events. It brings Chivers out of the woodwork. One Chiver told me he recently went to the mall with the t-shirt on and was shocked how many, ‘Chive Ons’ he got.

Lastly, this Thursday we begin rolling out our brand new Chivery designs. We cannot wait for you to see them.

A special thanks to Bannon for designing the Chive robot warrior up there. Bannon runs Red Bubble and has some amazing designs himself.

Chive On!

  • jason

    finally, my friend has one and he gets all the 'chive on' love.

    • sarah

      i want "chive on" love :[

  • lars

    Boom! i won't believe it until it's in my mailbox but i think i just got one

  • Jon

    Where are the Men's mediums in black??? 😦 😦 😦

  • danny boy

    being the owner of one, it really is a talking piece. i just got another

  • denzino

    and… they're gone

  • Steve

    Jeez, 1 minute past and the add to cart button wasn't working for men's black size medium and now they're sold out. Not my day

    • denzino

      had it in the cart, input my billing info, and have to put separate shipping info… i think that's where i lost it… dang unicorns… haha

  • truthteller

    That`s right ,wear this and you can repel women faster nerds. Get a life !

    • sarah

      if i saw a man wearing a chive shirt i wouldn't even say a word, i'd just kiss him on the pucker. just sayin…

  • Mart

    wow, thats gotta be a record for the time they sold out in. Guess wait another month for them to return.

  • ethan

    bam. got it! been refreshing the page for the last 12 minutes

  • jimwood

    damn.. had to get xl… hopefully it'll shrink?

  • John

    I'm even a little shocked. our entire stock of mediums (about 100) sold out in 90 seconds. unreal, chivers.

    • @winfields

      yep, just missed out! And that's cool that you do stock mediums, tired of only seeing XL shirts for all of the fatties out there.

      • caleb

        eff yourself skinny, some of us are over 5'5", 120 wet.

    • Jon

      Oh well… I will enjoy my large white Chive tee until I can get the medium black. I am grateful!!!!

    • Ralf

      Please, John. Just do the math. How many chivers are there now day by day? You know the traffic numbers, right? So do us a favour and stock your stock up next time. It would not only be good money for you, but also a relief for many people who'd like to own one of those tees. I am thankful for your awesome work on thechive, but your merchandising abilities could use a boost 😉
      Sincerely, Ralf

      • Miami Herald

        devil's advocate: I think John knows exactly what he's doing. I own a club and i stick to one rule: always make sure there's a line outside of the bar.

        as the chive tees become more and more unavailable, demand goes up. the tees are selling out faster and faster. john could make 2,000 tees and sell them all over a couple days. or he could make 500 at a time and sell 10,000 more over a longer period of time.

        • Tarock

          True that. They'd stop being mythical if too many people were able to get them at once.

    • Jadeus

      why did you not stock any womens tees? I am very upset… please tell me you'll have some when you next decide to restock or that's just sexist! 😥

  • PJ Fry

    They do exist!

  • annoyed

    i just got robbed…as i was typing in my credit card info they sold out…that's pretty annoying.

  • kirk

    nooooooo! i woke up early. i did everything right… except i had to go to the bathroom really quick. get back. sold out

  • chrisdg74

    I get the sumbitch in my cart and go to pay. Then I get a message stating it's no longer in stock.


  • Bren

    Not to be a dick about this, but don't you guys think it's about time you realized you should order at least 10x as many shirts? They'd still sell out, but not in 10 minutes or less.

  • iambigd42


  • One Leg

    Been waiting since 9am Eastern time for these T-Shirts. Go to pay, BOOOM "Stock problems". Chive Y U NO STOCK 1000000000000000000000000 T-Shirts???
    DAMN YOU CHIVE TEES!!!!!!!!!

  • first and ten

    That is yet to be proven

  • Jenny Lozano

    excited to my my sm. black chive tee 🙂
    its gonna be a good day

  • Sadie1182

    LMAO WTF?! How in the hell are all the women's shirts all gone lol!? Well, size small anyway…

  • Dom

    argggg. I got to the checkout and nothing there. Why did I have to go to work today, I would have been on way earlier if I didn't

  • Dave

    Here’s an idea. Take your Tshirt money and fix your damn app.

  • mattythegooch

    No shit, homie!!

    not all of us are XXXL'S!!

  • mattythegooch

    I still have my old silk screener from back in the day………..copyright infringement coming right up!!

    I'll start printing black mediums right after lunch!

    • chrisdg74

      Throw a black large in there as well.

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