Mythical Chive Logo Tees Have Returned

chive logo lead Mythical Chive Logo Tees Have Returned

As most of you know, since we opened theCHIVERY, we haven’t been able keep the black CHIVE Logo Tees on the shelf more than just a couple hours. Today, we have a new shipment of the black and white bad boys but we don’t expect the tees to last for long.

Also for a short time today, we have Banksy’s Crayon Shooter and Flower Thrower in stock.

For the few who do get their hands on the tee, I’m told it’s best to wear to bars and sporting events. It brings Chivers out of the woodwork. One Chiver told me he recently went to the mall with the t-shirt on and was shocked how many, ‘Chive Ons’ he got.

Lastly, this Thursday we begin rolling out our brand new Chivery designs. We cannot wait for you to see them.

A special thanks to Bannon for designing the Chive robot warrior up there. Bannon runs Red Bubble and has some amazing designs himself.

Chive On!

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