100% not shopped, I swear (24 Photos)

These great photos (at least some, if not all) via Erik Johansson.

  • Why Not?

    I thought Clifford was red…

  • Why Not?

    #17 I thought Clifford was red…

  • turd ferguson

    #19 looks like a goofy take on H.R. Geiger's painting "Satan 1"

    • amrith777

      That's the first things I thought of–more precisely "Celtic Frost's" "To Mega Therion" album cover with that art on it.

  • Knuckledonkey

    #6 Rob Schneider?

  • Tim Horton

    #5 Grandma nooooooooooooooo

  • mattypenner

    Chive, every morning before going to school I check your website out. This morning was one of the best seshes I have had in a while. From "Yer doin it wrong" to "100% not shopped I swear."

  • Brian Michael Schade

    Guy 1: Hey, where does this ladder go?

    Guy 2: It goes up.


  • denzino

    #13 is awesome!!! can we get it in HQ? should be my new wallpaper

  • bob

    stop with all the ads you greedy bastards

  • rich

    #7 Shopped, I can tell by the pixels.

  • Steven

    #22 not shopped…its just Japan

  • Fred

    #5 Thats one spicy lookin meatball Granny, where's Gramps

  • cashmoneybrian

    im a huge giraffe fan #21

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Nuttycrew-Marsh/1125573920 Dave Nuttycrew Marsh

    #5 slimming world meatball are the best

  • dlq80

    chive, whats the deal with reposting all old photos?

  • Leki

    #11 LMFAO!!! so happy regardless

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