• brw

    I wish they kept the camera rolling so we could see the 2 or 3 breakups this caused. I'm sure a couple of young ladies were storming out of the theater after this display.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MataHaji Andy Sandoval

    And then Universal sues him and the theater for using their logo…… Great idea though!!!

  • worldwarZisaprophecy

    …and they got divorced like 2 years later

  • ryan

    so cute

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  • Rick

    I herd he got that disease afterwards…..onegina

    (jk, nice proposal, creative)

  • Amber

    Why is everyone so anti-marriage. I get that stereotypes exist for a reason, but come ON people, not all marriages are like that.

  • ROK247

    werd. i was like WTF he didnt even get to bone natalie. THATS WHY I CAME TO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE.

  • IamwhoIam

    first i was like: "as cute as this might be this won't make me cry"; then towards the end i was like: "the chive told me not to cry so i won't" *sniff

  • dave

    Yeah booooy!!

  • kyoshizen

    "Don’t cry…"
    Don't tell me what to do! *sniff*

  • Jason

    the title was not a lie

  • soopasmash

    son of a …. raised the bar too much, godammit!
    now the rest of us are screwed



  • cmonstur

    you, sir, are clearly not familiar with the term "sarcasm."

  • http://youtube.com/ImBrianFreedman Brian Freedman

    That's hella G. Oh my gosh, amazing.

    I wonder if they stayed and watched the movie?

  • lucky

    what if she said no lmao

  • Mark2kero

    Bro that was dope!

  • mtpuckhead

    Well done sir.

  • Anthony

    I got 3 questions:
    1)how the fuck he made teh cinema aply for this and with otehr clients involved?
    2)how did he make the camera do a live video of his actions from the womans dads house to the cinema?
    3)how did the make slow motion effects in that same moment and the camera would be everywhere?

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  • Blair

    So romantic and sweet! Huge props man! Best of luck to yall!!

  • STud

    I remember my first beer

  • FinnsWake13

    These are actually two people I went to high school with, the locations are all within 10 minutes of my house…pretty cool.

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