Hump Day can make a grown man cry (70 photos)

  • dan

    #60 may be the best ass EVER , but all were great

  • Blake

    #69 sums it all up…. i love this website SO much.

  • Guest

    #52 needs more love

  • Ispeakchive

    Thanks again ladies, your efforts are most appreciated, photos of your bums make me realize just how shallow I am…………….and then embrace that feeling. In a world full of celebrity/model pictures, it's refreshing to see the everyday , yet exceptional, butts that make the world go 'round, the working girl, the school girl, the Chivettes of Wednesday.History has been altered and influenced by bumpers such as those displayed above. Anyway, to make a short story long, thanks ladies.

  • Sandwiches1123

    #53 perfect!

  • robbaserocks

    Dudes, black girls have HUMPS too!

  • OhSomeEvil

    #16 Thats the party i want to go to.

    FAP FAP FAP FAP….. awesome post Chive

  • TJ

    #33 has sent me pics before hahaha. I can’t believe is saw her on here hahaha

  • Paulie Coconut

    Why is it that such an area that has been well documented to produce horrendous odors and piles of a stinking substance can illicit a response that goes against the visceral reaction when confronted with these malodorous scents? Most of these photos cause me to want to dive down face first directly occupying the space in between the left and right buttock cheek while simultaneously placing my hands on either aforementioned butt cheek and widely parting the flesh globes and feverishly lick and suck on the area that, as mentioned before, is widely recognized to generate most offensive smells and dirty gunk?

  • Jim

    #53 is far and away the absolute most perfect ass I have ever seen…it has every characteristic you look for in a perfect tush! That girl is a dream come true!

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  • Sol

    Wow, I love it all. I am a big fan of Humps and I love making love to them! Backdoor is the way to go!!

  • Sol

    wow! well done CHIVE!! I also love the Tower of Tush!!

  • Nickk

    best pics on the interweb 🙂

  • jbreez

    #13, #33, and #53 have the kind of asses that you just wanna wrap your arms around.

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  • bill

    omg # 47 & 48 she is so major wood

  • anonymous


  • RUDY


  • manny

    #16- I saw a video like that once

  • Jim

    Great good mother of God and all that is pure, holy and righteous I love women!!!!

  • Tony

    #48 For the Win….

  • Keith

    #16 Now that's a $100,000.00 Pryramid

  • Buffalo

    My girlfriend would like to know where she can find underwear like this on #35?

    LUCKY ME!!!!

  • John Weezer

    #46 I like the hump and the position. Very nice 😉

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