Start your day with something beautiful (26 Photos)

  • denzino

    I have an ex that looks like #2… am I an idiot for losing that, or a genius cuz she was crazy?

    • buuillis

      you're just a flat out liar

  • Trilobiteer

    I've never posted here before but #7 made my jaw drop. It took me a longer time than I'll admit to look beyond your eyes. Whoever you are you look amazing… Thank-you.

  • northerner

    Like JumboTron said, "So much beauty". Indeed. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. All…

  • spencur

    #21 you NEED to find this girl

  • CapnCaveman

    #24 made me vomit in my mouth a little. Is that the “leave brittney alone!” dude?

  • ar tee

    so much more is needed about #5 #7 #14

  • Swarley

    #2 #3 #17 #21 #26

  • Samuel Simpson

    I could happily start my day with #4 every day.

  • brad

    find #12 #14 now

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #24 FAP FAP FAP

  • BabyMistakes

    #6 Yeah, I used to think she was a sex kitten too. Then she started going out with her asshole manager from The Max.

  • Clark

    Who is #12??? I beg of one of you chivers to find her name and MOAR pics. Cant stop looking at her.

  • Brian Freedman

    #2 Yes
    #9 That's how all girls sleep, obviously
    #12 She can't stand up. It's not her fault. FLBP.

  • TexasXX

    #17 Maja Krag. This is a very lucky picture of her! she looks terrible if you Google her

  • guhguhguh

    My thoughts exactly.

  • buuillis

    #2 strait wifey

  • fatcowxlive

    Who is #10 Please 🙂

  • bill

    wow.#7 total beauty.need more of her.yummy,yummy.

  • Nick

    #7 PLEASE find her!

  • Nick

    #21 and #24 would be two other great ones to find too

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  • Moe

    #5 Chive please she is fuking gorgeous!!!

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