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It was nice to see theChive invade so many commencement ceremonies this week. Really like to creativity the Chivers are starting to bring to 'Chive Everywhere' as well.

I am starting to be a little more picky with the 'Everywhere' photos that make the page so it's time to step your game up. This week, let's push the envelope. I want to see some extreme Chivin' going on out there. Would also love some crazy Chive group photos, whatever that means. Submit your most interesting Chiving experiences using our handy-dandy submit page and check back next Thursday to see if you made it.

Chive On!


  • jaybob

    Remember that building in photo #2. Got stung by a scorpion in 1982.

  • Steph

    #1 Hey! is that the Worldmark in Canmore??

    • ratedgg13

      could be anywhere… All of Canmore looks like that these days.
      I don't suppose you are another loyal Canmoron chiver?

      • Missing home

        There's at least one of us out there!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #12 yea baby…yea…

  • faemike55

    #1 future Chivette

    • Pedo Bear was here


  • Jeffrey Franzen

    even better if at the time they snapped this he's asking the surgeon to find a place to insert the sign for the next CT scan they do…..

  • Weso

    #11 Hoping Pretoria goes to the DA!

    • Ouboet

      Hell yeah! Keepin' DA faith!

  • BloodScrubber

    First in. Last out.

  • BloodScrubber

    Ok you NASA Chivers out there. One last chance for a "Chivin" shot from space…..I make the Challenge. Lets get it done!

  • Steve

    #11 = hilarious.

  • chong

    #1 babytard?

  • Jessica Condrey

    #4 glad I helped take the bored out of you haha

  • Travis

    #5 hells yeah, my pic got posted

  • Yank

    Dude from harrisburg, im just south of pittsburgh

  • Jon

    im in love

  • Mattitude

    #1 please tell me there are more Canmoreons out there?!?!?

  • Andree Santoso

    chive should be the great wonder of the world

  • BillWatterson

    #1 – That's a Calvin and Hobbes font!!! Where can I get that?!?

  • onethirdjewman

    #17 where is forever alone meme when you need it?

  • lolz

    #21 I work at Texas Instruments! but it's not that awesome……they blocked the chive and you can't bring a camera😦

  • John


    Seriously man? I can enhance your name and cac card from here in a HQ shot. >_<

    Navy but wearing the green camy's? Not even digi's? /facepalm

  • Clegg

    #20 Is that Marcus Luttrell?

  • JD Marsh

    lol….never drink and chive..good catch

  • Always Last


  • ivan

    #17 dominicano….. with a presidente, KCCO !!

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