Chivette of the Week: Sarah Jay (26 Photos)

For the next... forever... we're going to be bringing you a Chivette of the Week every Thursday. Every Chivette qualifies for the awesome honor so start submitting as soon as possible.

One of the things I love most about our Chivettes is that they are actually active in the Chive community. Sarah Jay is no exception. I've been posting her funny submissions for months when one day she decided to submit for 'Sexy Chivers' and I realized she was also hottern' hell. I'll let Sarah take it from here.

Hey Chivers! I'm Sarah Jay (just be sure not to Google my name at work!) and I just hit 21 last week. I'm from Orange County, California, but don''t hold it against me. I don't dye my hair or have fake nails or own a purse that could pay to feed half of Africa. I'm honestly a regular girl... and a nerd at that. I love to read, did four years of Model UN in high school, and LOVE Star Wars. I'm going to school right now to become a nurse. Trauma nurse, to be exact. Bring on the blood and guts!

But my passions are writing and photography. I'm in love with the ocean, and I'm a California girl through and through. Give me the beach on a sunny day and a deck of cards, and I'm happy. I'm always listening to music (thank you Pandora!!) from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to the Bloodhound Gang. Favorite movies: Forrest Gump and The Big Lebowski. I also adore True Blood.

I fell for the Chive immediately after seeing my first DAR, and when I found out John played the goofy deputy on True Blood, it was the blood covered cherry on top! I'm an aunt to 8 awesome kids, and I think I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba more than they do. The way to my heart? Buy me an In-N-Out burger (double-double, please!) and take me camping. Or just snag me some of that mythical Chive gear! No, really, I can't even get the stuff (hint). Chive On!

  • akon1

    no Tits or Ass GTFO, i guess the chive standards have dropped

    • patov40

      Oh almost forgot. You suck! And your mother's fat.

  • soutfan

    #8 The nxt Oivia munn

  • Brian Freedman

    #15 Imagine waking up to get breakfast . . .


    she looks like sarah silverman

  • Not Impressed


  • Matt

    Yo Gabba Gabba, indeed ma'am!

  • Anonymous

    Damn your cool. I’m a chick and I wanna date you!

  • j.j.

    #4 love her feet. sexy.

  • Shawn Forth

    So hot

  • Bromeed

    that's ma girllll. lovely.

  • doogie

    when does the CHIVE DATING service begin business?

  • This side

    Love those pics. I think she is my new favorite chivette!

  • Notfromjersey

    Sarah, did you happen to take a flight from Phoenix to chicago this past Wednesday? If so, u sat in front of me. If not, you have a twin.

  • Joel

    She's cute as hell, and looks like a regular chick, too. Not one of those girls with fake tits and shotgun blasts of makeup to the face.

  • markus schulz

    If you go to USF , tell me why don't i ever see someone as pretty as you around

  • wah wah

    those tats are horrendous

  • TrollsNotWelcome

    #24 that ass.. #23 those calves.. nice work! nuff said. regular girls FTW!

  • K3l50

    #24 what i would give to squeeze that

  • lyssuhhh

    You look gorgeoussss! Everyone who thinks otherwise is just jealouss so STOP hating no need to feel threatened. Your my favorite chivette ❤

  • Truthis

    Not to be too mean but every nurse says they want trauma and go to school to be a “trauma nurse” but an RN is an RN. Depends on who hires you, but best of luck, it’s not easy!

  • PandaBear

    "I'm honestly a regular girl… and a nerd at that. I love to read, did four years of Model UN in high school, and LOVE Star Wars."

    Another panderer that doesn't read Filmdrunk.

  • Rico Anderson

    Sarah… An Intelligent Star Wars Photography nerd, instant ten

    Having been on this earth for 29 years, how have I not been able to find any of these stunning nerds that Chive seems to find every week.

    I need a job with Chive or to start my own website I think.

  • stingurface

    keep up the awesomeness !!!!!

  • urdad

    NO ,ugly tramp.

  • realman

    No ass ,not interested.

    • youregay

      ur gay, realman

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