Let’s stereotype all Europeans, shall we? (28 photos)

  • Jeff

    is in Australia. not austria.

  • Robbo


    Australia is not Europe.

  • Bob

    Just by ready the title, I knew that unequivocally the contents of this DAR would contain a ridiculously amount of inaccuracy in its Geography. Americans shouldn't attempt humour when Geography is concerned as most of you are ignorant as shit where this subject is concerned.

    Maybe a DAR on 'American Education' could induce some giggles from the rest of us who have actually had an education worth the paper it's written on…?

    • Laura

      That sounds good to me Bob, I'd love to see what qualifies as a pass on a degree course in the USA and what about another on american stereotypes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wil.Pwr Will Harding

    Great post


    A. Brit

  • Anonymous

    Gold Coast, QLD Australia

    Numbers 24 and 30 are not in Europe, they’re in Australia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Cranston/665937675 Ryan Cranston

    #4 oh mate! I’m definitely having this on Sunday morning. iv got a serious craving now! om nom nom.

  • jim


    We don't, spaz-wad.

    Why do you eat cheeseburgers everyday, fatty?

  • Bob

    An American DAR centred around Geography?
    How did I know that this would be hilarious (although perhaps not in the way the author intended).

  • Nice Guy

    #36 is pointless in my opinion. It doesn't fit in world that is very much globalized and where you have access to products from corporations around the world; with every passing year the world is more globalized.

    For example, I'm from Canada, so if I were to make a version of #36 of my own nationality it would be:

    Being Canadian means driving a German/Japanese/American car (soon to be American-only no doubt with the release of Google self-automated cars) to your University's Physics course where you use an American T-81 calculator, and you have American or Italian food for lunch, then get home to watch American TV shows, or American movies, on your Dutch/South Korean monitor, or play (mostly) American video games and some Canadian (Bioware) games on your computer which is set on your Swedish furniture composed of an American processor, American video card, and mostly American hardware, and to use it's American software such as operating systems, office applications, etc. Later to browse the Internet through American websites (Google, Facebook, Youtube), and then fall asleep on your also possibly Swedish chair while browsing the Internet and listening to your iPod (also American).

    So again, #36 seems out of place.

    (I noticed all the American influence lol – You guys are awesome)

  • Jin

    #16 would be in the middle east, just saying 🙂

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  • trooperjoe

    15 Paulaner-best ber ever!

  • kit


    bhaha. that's hilarious
    although all my holidays here have been hot, sunny and ended in extremely sore sun burns

  • Laura

    #4 no Brit in their right mind eats a full english everyday except on holiday and on a normal basis its a once a week thing at most. I should know. I'm an English Chiver Girl

    #36 surprisingly accurate 🙂

    #18 only occurs because no one has dental insurance or an NHS dentist

  • Harro

    #24 and #30 are both from Australia

  • glasscock

    #24 and #30 are Australian.

  • jkklouna

    #12 Kranevo, Bulgaria. Well it was funny even for me when I was there. At first I thought it was McDonalds, but I stood a few minutes choosing from the menu and when I couldn't really remember any of it being Ronalds' I looked at the sign more carefully…needless to say I never ate there.

  • E-Zee

    it's an (Abu Dhabi) car .. look at the plate !

  • chris

    the big merino is AUSTRALIAN.. come on Chive..

  • Dah

    #30 is not european… it's in Australia, and when you go around it you can see some giant balls 😀

  • Michael T

    #17 and #30 both in New South Wales, Australia……. duh! The Big Merino (sheep) in Goulburn, ah the road trip memories…….

    • Michael T

      opps I meant #24 !

  • BeaverKiller

    #13 Santa Cruz,CA…….just sayin

  • electro

    Nice post but baptize Turkish people as Europeans is like saying Mexicans are Americans.

  • mohammedmoriarty

    #24 and #30 are both from Australia – I refuse to be classified European

  • SCBum

    #13 is actually Santa Cruz, California… way better than anywhere in Europe.

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