Let’s stereotype all Europeans, shall we? (28 photos)

  • TheMightyDagmar

    the sad thing is #25 isn't a stereotype, It's a sad truth D:

  • http://www.faithless.eu Justinas

    #32 Lithuania!!!

  • EK05

    Actually #2 is Russians driving in Finland, not Finns 😉 (there was a reader's pic and a small article in our tabloid papers) not to say we don't do weird and stupid shit when it's snowy but that pic is our beloved eastern neighbours.

  • gunblade

    #30's in Goulburn NSW Australia. I should know. I live here…..

  • RR AD

    Sorry guys – the subway pic is from the NYC subway, and the chromed out SLR is parked in from the Berkeley in London, but has Abu Dhabi plates on it. It's oil money that will chrome out an SLR, not blue blood european family money.

  • Justinnator

    #30 are in Australia

  • miku

    #2 is true story from Finland – but the car had russian plates…. 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Samuel-Beldon/663683332 Samuel Beldon


    In our defense we call it a holiday, not a vacation.

  • Xanatos

    #13 Isn't in Europe at all. It's Nik Wallenda walking on the ferris wheel at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.

  • sparra

    #30 is in Goulburn NSW Australia, not Europe!

  • myles

    24 & 30 both aussie

  • kwanos

    24 and 30 or Australia not europe lol I lived in both places

  • Sesame stweet

    #7 One of these things just doesn't belong here..

  • http://www.jve.biz Rug

    #15 challenge accepted

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