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New Chivery designs arrive

chive thrower yep New Chivery designs arrive

Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out some great original Chivery creations starting today with No Duckface Please – a campaign to rid the world of the Duckface, and our awesome Banksy/Angry Bird mashup, ‘Angry Thrower’ available here.

By the looks of it, neither design is going to last much longer. Good luck and Chive On!

  • XOS2

    do you get lauren with the shirt order?

    • Henrik

      In that case I'll order two!

  • Dylan

    get more of the "chivette" yoga pants too! damn chivery clothing is like collector items…=/

    • JFK

      Dylan, that's a nice pussy u got there. does she bite?

  • DistractedIndividual

    Not a Bieber fan…Still going to thumb you down.

    ….Any wonder why you got shot?

    • Tom

      He didn't know how to strafe.

  • Paul Stavropoulos

    Not sure if the Banksy mashup is "yours", since I've seen that exact design in like a 100 different places these past couple of months. Good job on the duckface shirt though.

  • DistractedIndividual

    Got my anti-duckface tee! Can't wait to start compaining for the end of this maddness!

  • Yann

    Damn it !

    Your french Chiver can't get the " theCHIVE Tee " …it's allways sold out 😐
    When are you guys ready to sell me one ?

  • Jebus

    Please focus on stocking more Chive logo tees instead of more banksy rip offs.

  • Cisco2111

    I would love to pimp your shirts but I am not the average guy size. What about some XXXL!

  • VedHead77

    Gonna get an anti-duckface tee for my daughter. If she doesn't knock that sh*t off, I'm going to cut her time out of the kitchen to 30 minutes a day. It's called training, people.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    Thumbs up for LG rockin' the anti-duckface shirt

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