• GnD

    good times for all

    • r@f

      9-3-5- MUTHERFUCKER! haha!

  • Tristan M Norman

    Brilliant! I applaud the person who discovered this!

    • Matt

      haha apparently they had nothing better to do than play with children's toys

      • Josh

        Matt if you're too cool to play with children's toys then leave…just go…

  • T-Moze

    Where's the Far East Hotties?

  • tsk

    the ending is great

  • Kelly

    Love it!!

  • aosux

    That was well worth the 30 seconds

  • iloveQuatchi

    Awesome! but who just figures this out?

    • mrjimmyos

      Someone who hasn't discovered the Chive and thus, has free time

    • JHL1

      Let me introduce you….

      iloveQuatchi, Mary Jane

      Mary Jane, iloveQuatchi

      • Brian Fantana


  • Brother Maynard

    I'm getting that for my kids!

  • fore skin

    had a call like that today

  • intensedeabte1

    Hey FATTY this was posted on days ago.

    • Adam Flowers

      Hey DOUCHEBAG nobody cares!!!

      • intensedeabte1

        UH OH. Looks like the Flowers got his feelings hurt.

    • Jak

      I saw this somewhere on the net years ago. What's your point?

    • Terry Burke

      i bet it's on youtube too. no body cares because not everyone has no life like you and goes to every single website on the net

    • Henrik

      Hey, why don't you go dig a hole and go die in a trash can!
      The point about the hole you ask, to teach you a damn lesson!

    • KeyserSoze


      • Hemi


  • Mandalor

    I need this for me desk at work

  • Alex


  • jayman

    OMG I want one!

  • Virulent87


  • mattythegooch

    Did you know if you type F-U-C-K on a Speak 'N Spell, it spells the work FUCK?! that's all i got..

    • Christopher Neufeldt

      my little brother has this caterpillar/millipede toy and all it's feet are letters and you can spell or pronounce what the letters sound like. If you did F and K it would giggle and say "that tickles" and then after that it would pronounce the K. But if you did F and C, different story.

  • Alf

    hahahahaha this is awesome ! ! !

  • lutjiano

    I played this like 8 times

  • noooooooooooooo

    but i didn't say fudge

  • Anonymous

    Wow how interesting and funny.


    • ThatGuy

      I agree. Profanity is funny when you're like, 12. Not chive worthy at all.

  • ydodonutshave2die


  • bkfrijoles


  • PJ Fry

    Man, parents must get bored.

  • Harry Satchel

    Someone had way too much time on their hands to figure that out! And I applaud you!

  • Brian Freedman

    Can I call my in-laws with that phone?

  • buuillis

    that's great

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