Welcome to the hip bone zone (30 photos)

  • JDub

    #18 & #19 YES!!! #10 & #14 are too skinny. I like skinny but need curves and boobs.

  • b-ry

    agree 100%. hop bones and point of view need to be a weekly.

    • b-ry


  • almost NSFW

    #19 a little lower and her box would be showing.

  • top dog

    #2, Screw her hips….well, yeah!!, but look at them nipples!

  • moar

    #9 … oh my my, oh hell yes. please find her!

  • wAvz

    #24 is such a great pic !!

  • Lloyd

    Translation: I'm not this skinny. It must be a bad thing, otherwise my feelings about my own body might be hurt.

    • northerner

      Truth, Lloyd. The guys complaining about these women being skinny, most likely have a paunch they'd not like to admit to. Not talking skin and bones or Anorexic. Talking slender, low BMI. Much preferable to chunky/plump. These women are gorgeous. Don't need full course meals, unless, of course, it's a night out with one of us…

  • maybe

    i think that's her bra.

  • 123

    #9 HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL…. calm down, heart..calm down

  • wztarheel

    #1 #16 Well done!

  • jon

    soooo every week then?

  • ddc2c

    "I've got a girl named Boney Maroney"…

  • shwan

    #9 holy hell, thats perfection.

  • lutjiano

    I would like #4

    • lutjiano

      I ment #6 !!!!! YUM YUM YUMMM

  • Da Sandman

    hip bones rule

  • puff daddy

    nice muff puff there.

  • Rebel_Soul

    #10 is a TEN!

  • MikeK

    Could that blond chick's pants be any lower? Just askin'!

  • pen_lemon

    the hip zone is little disgusting for me, just a little, when I see it I feel who could kill me, if hit me wiht his hips, im just saying.

  • rich

    these girls have great bodys but most have too small of breasts for the chive.

  • Paula_

    What they can't do? FIX THEIR IPHONE APP!

    – Apple-hater

  • Michelle

    Actually it does. It can get a lot better. This girl would snap in half if you tried rough sex.

    • its_forge

      You're not seeing the same woman I am. That woman there has a rib cage like a wine barrel. She's plenty strong and stout.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #18 MORE MORE MORE>…..


    #18 hot sex

  • Michelle

    I'm not saying mow down an entire buffet, but i'm pretty sure women are suppose to have curves. Sleeping with someone with hips that like sounds dangerous.

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