• Choketroll

    HA! Troll!

  • Dane

    At the end of the day I think he'll smile at it all ..

    First of all, this is generating massive PR for him.

    Secondly, it's not like he's REALLY a nazi; his father was jewish, and he's been brought up in a jewish community. This is just another case of a genious artist saying something that has not been thought through, and that happens all the time.

  • rodrocks

    WHAT THE FUCK??? You have got to be kidding me!!!

  • mith

    What a Wacko….

  • Bob

    Ryan, my Grandfather was in a Japanese concentration camp and I've also been to Auszitch and seen the thousands of pairs of shoes and piles of hair. Furthermore, I know an Auswitz surviver; I talk to him every year as he tours the UK talking about the camps….and guess what, I found it not just refreshing to have someone stare the taboo in the face and try to make a smile out of it, but found it bloody hilarious as well!
    What made it hilarious was Von Trier's subject; Dunst would rather let it wash over her blonde head than risk damaging appearances and laugh along with the satire.
    It was Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes all over again…get a grip Hollywood.
    I really hope this is the start of a trend…with Seth Macfarlane leading the way……

  • @peteulatan


  • Ken

    I don't see that he was trying to make a joke nor do I see him trying to be a Holocaust denier or Nazi sympathizer.

    I just see an inarticulate man trying to state that he understands the human side of Hitler, deeply flawed though he was. Basically we watched a video of fat man skating on thin ice. The ice cracked and he went down. He should let his art speak for him because his mouth isn't as effective.

    The video was worth watching for Dunst's classy reactions.

    • top dog

      If his english wasn't that good he should have used a translator. The guy said he was a nazi, you can't make excuses for that.

      • Ken

        It has nothing to do with his native language, he is just clearly limited in public verbal expression. It is not that uncommon for movie directors. Ever hear Tim Burton or David Lynch speak?

        IMO, he didn't mean that he was a Nazi literally. He meant that his lineage was that of non-Jewish German and, therefore, shared a lineage with the Nazi's. He was jsut trying to be clever in his choice of words and it fell flat.

        He may be a verbal fuck-up but he isn't a Nazi.

  • Bob

    This one deserves alot more thumps!

  • Bob

    But he isnt supporting hitler, he says that he understood that hitler had a human side.
    And for his support of Albert Speer, there is a big difference between arts and politics.

    • Ezee

      A human side that killed 26 million overall and 6 million Jews. Got it! Thanks for the clarification. I feel so much better now.

  • saffer

    My family was ther too but on the side of the fence, can I make jokes? Do I have your permission.

  • steve

    euro trash

  • AsianCanuck

    Lars to direct the next Hitler movie.

  • HardCoreMike

    The title of this post says it all. Dunst IS very uncomfortable AND in case you didn't know it, Hollywood (aka the movie industry) is run predominently by the Jews. Can you say BLACK LIST!?

  • Jak

    I…did NOT see that coming. "What can I say? I understand Hitler." Well don't say THAT!

    • El Fantom

      This guy is very funny! Good sense of humor because is goal was to embarass the girl!

      • testington

        his movies are fantastic though. I DARE you to watch Anti-Christ without covering your eyes and or screaming out loud…it can't be done.

        but Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Breaking the Waves are all amazing

  • Dick LeGrande

    "We won't be inviting this mutha focker back next year, thats for goddamn sure"

  • rboehm27

    At lease we know who will be directing Mel Gibson's next movie.

  • Richard

    Talk about digging a hole for yourself. Just shut up next time.

  • 123

    I refuse to believe there are 13 other people ahead of you with that stupid movie for a screen name

    • DefendDallas

      LMFAO!!!! Well played!

  • Homer

    Can we please just go back to DAR, Chivettes, Hump Day and Lower Back Problems? I don't come to theChive for this kind of crap — there is plenty found elsewhere.

    • EdCrane

      I know. All the big words make my head hurt as well. This clip had no tits or ass whatsoever. Whats up with that?

      • Mitch

        You know what, I’m very much incilned to agree.

  • Gus00

    Part of the problem is the way German schools tend to skip through the 1930s and 40s very quickly, and superficially in history class. Some Germans I've known (including my brother's wife) who grew up post-war don't understand why people from other countries take Hitler and the Nazis so seriously, because the seriousness of what they did wasn't really impressed upon them as children. Can you imagine being a German history teacher standing in front of a class of children describing the death camps and having to say "This is what our grandfathers did". But it must be done.

    • Man

      But Lars is from Denmark. So what does this have to do with anything?

  • ne14fuun

    hmmm. So should we damn Mel Brooks for Springtime with Hitler in Germany? How about the Hitler on Ice? Or could it be a Mel thing makes it ok. Mel Gibson seems ok for all he said.

  • Man

    You make me wanna cry…

  • Tee

    haha did you see that guys hands shaking man he was nervous! whats with all this hitler jew nonsense?

  • Brian Freedman

    My Jewish grandpa has those headphones.

  • Hizank

    what a clown

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