Hot Right Now: The ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ has the most insane curves on the planet (30 photos)

Merica uck eah! (31 photos)

  • urmomisoverhere

    #24 is in des moines!

  • Larry

    Was no one pissed about #15 ? They are checking a poor baby! I hate the TSA!

  • Antonis Deligiannis

    #23 I think that is Japan..

  • fame777

    #5 #8 .. just trying to figure out who has the smallest penis

  • Rob

    English! this story was in "The Sun"

  • Nick

    americans are not fat, everyone else is just way thin!!

  • Matt

    #17 Damn mosquitos!!

  • Al t

    #20 little and large comes to mind.

  • Anonymous

    28 are the mutant family from total recall

  • jim

    #12… is that new york?

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