You know we can see down your blouse. I know you know. (27 photos)

  • blasphemous


    • RobBroad4th

      Eat ass.

      • ehhuue

        Haters gonna hate.

    • aaron

      I hear you come first often. You will never please a woman.

  • julietromeobravo


    • whore

      #15 appears to be drunk, sitting on a bathroom floor taking a picture of herself.

    • Urban

      Wow, what a great post!

  • EasternCanuck

    Love that point of view… mmmm

    • Brand_n

      Thirded! Top-boob – now better than side- and under-boob.

  • Pedobear

    #12 Pedobear approved

    • jobillard

      Yes I think he likes #27 as well.

  • WiscoGooner

    #12 Pedi-Bear gives 2 thumbs up

    • @The_Scofield_

      Pedo… not Pedi… Pedibear is a nail esthetician.

    • Buford_Justice

      wisco for life

    • its_forge

      Pedo-anybody is not interested in anyone who has developed secondary sexual characteristics. Dingbat.

    • biggles

      fuck pedo bear, he can get his own underage girl. This one is mine!

  • Hey_You

    Truly epic post, this needs to become a regular!

    • Sauru

      i would be happy if this one made the weekly rotation myself

      • method_man

        true dat

    • Carlos Humberto Zelada

      Make it a weekly!

    • codvip

      If this was a weekly post….I would pay a subscription to the Chive….

  • tobi

    #1 HQ HQ HQ!!!

    • KyleRetrato

      #1 Those lips are incredible…

    • b-ry

      <HEAD>yes please</HEAD>

    • cilff

      nice jary nice

  • bazinga

    nip slips…nip slips everywhere….i'm in heaven

    • echogeo

      Yeah, no doubt. Is it National Nipple Slip day and I didn't get the memo?

  • TheProdigy

    Just when I thought you couldn't make getting back to work anymore difficult, you come out with a down blouse gallery. You guys are so EVIL!

    • JHL1

      but EVIL in a GOOD way 😉

  • MigraineBoy

    #17 They…They're pulling me in…It's so beautiful!

  • Grant

    WHY OH WHY YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY?????!!!!!!!???????

  • idunno

    Oh come on…

  • Paula_

    And remember ladies: NO DUCKFACES as we stare.
    As a bonus we don't mind if you jiggle the goods a bit.
    Also: we DON'T want to see cellphones, keys, cigarettes, lipstick etc. down there!

    – loving the downblouse

    • James Seldi Seldon

      *we DON'T want to see cellphones, keys, cigarettes, lipstick etc. down there! *
      Why not, it's like a lucky dip. And who didn't love a lucky dip when they were a kid.

      • Paula_

        [grandma mode on]
        And remember kids, treat cleavage like the sun. It's OK to look for a second, but unwise to stare in to it.
        [grandma mode on]

        – the smelly old aunt

      • Birdhaus32

        It's like a built in storage unit hahaha

    • Jesus

      Paula. You're a terrible Human. at the rapture party tomorrow. you're the first to go.

      • Paula_

        Oh how I'd love to see your face on the 22nd… and the faces of all other fools that believe in this kind of thing…
        Oh and a tip to you sir: there's only one single instant where it's may 21st on the entire planet at the same time. Time zones, remember? One single instant. Can't wait.

        – the creature you created yourself
        – I've seen God. She was black! (bonus signature)

        • bigmikeskinsfan


          you need to take one in the back door and shut up. i bet youre quite the submissive broad once youre told what to do behind closed doors.

  • LINK


    • Pablo3520

      Holy shit!

    • Bella

      I love Shallow Hal!

    • Paula_

      If you noticed her toes first I've got some very bad news for ya…

      – What toe?

      • boobookittyfuck

        its a reference to a movie ya dumb bitch

        • Paula_

          How the fuck should I know? I'm dumb.

          – and lazy. I could easily join congress

    • riverdog

      when you say 'toe' on a chive post i think only of camels

      • ilovethechive

        Right there with ya! I went back to see what I missed…LOL

    • keepinitreal

      That's her thumb…she gets that a lot.

    • Martin

      Very natual and very sexy

  • cool dude

    ha, alot aint that sneaky. as well not wear a blouse.

  • Jon

    #1 and #15 just reawakened the very thing I was trying to calm down before work. Thanks a lot Chive!

  • James Seldi Seldon

    #26 I love her, she is cute as hell.

    • Tigers Wood

      I sawz er' first!

    • ryan

      damaged goods now

      • Big_Hairy_Si

        She still makes me do a sex-wee in my pants

    • Graham O

      My wife wears a 34b bra with 34a breasts, she doesant appear to realise that now the summer is hear some of the tops she wears for work give a great view of breast and sometimes nipple. when she is sat down.

      • Notme


    • Russell

      Everyone knows that's Hollywood actress Natalie Portman. Granted she's good looking I'm curious as to what she's doing here on CHIVE with boobs that miniscule. My man-boobs are bigger than that!

  • Kyle Cruz

    So close!

  • Brad

    One of the best posts the chive has ever done. Oh and #19.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Amen. Even though most of them would be classified as 'less than spectacular'…they are 'real'…and that makes them awesome…just like Chivettes.

    • bibiht

      l'art d'une belle photo

  • AsciiAdam

    Is it wrong to say I fell in love 27 times? ^_^


    #22 …need to know who she is …

    • Jag

      Jessica St George …

      • hMMMM

        I googled "jessica st george pictures" on the work computer and the first image that pops up is one of her topless. That's respect…

    • newscot

      Jessica St. George (born 1946). Playbo 's Playmate of the Month for the February 1965 issue.

      • Russell

        Wish you had kept that info to yourself. How do you expect me to wank to her picture knowing she's that OLD? I wasn't even born yet!

    • Why Not?

      jessica st. george

    • Kaars

      True beauty never ages.

      • Russell

        The photo hasn't aged but the real person has! Her boobs are probably down to her kneecaps by now!

    • Heffan

      Jessica St. George!!!! I actually met her a few years back. Got to stay at her place in Mexico. Yeah, this photo is from 1965, but if you can believe it, she's still pretty hot!

      • Russell

        I think I just lost interest now that I know she's 65 yrs old today if she's still around.Ewww!

  • Terry Burke

    wow, this is one hot post

  • Dave

    Love this gallery, gotta get the wife in on this one , it's all I see at home. To the girls….#1 hot!!! need moar of those lips, lip gallery? #5 just something about that chick is hot, is it the first nip slip?, must have been. #8, pretty girl, little tits in a padded bra, ehhhhh!. #24, missed down the blouse, the ey's were to beautiful. you could find that girl too.

  • Sasha

    OMG make this weekly feature!

    • Jesse

      Hell yes.

    • Molteninjabob

      I couldn't agree more!!

    • radoon

      😀 Yes yes yes!

    • Mahoney21

      yes yes yes

  • Graeme Barry

    Amazing post. Didn't realise it, but maybe my favourite point of view!

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