You know we can see down your blouse. I know you know. (27 photos)

  • Pretoxicated

    this is by far, the holy grail of posts!

  • Sanman

    Great job Chive, well done! Now please do this every week. Thank you!
    #19 #24 :O

  • Big Bob

    What an incredible gallery. I love downblouse shots, look for them everyday!

  • andintheend

    One of the most awesome Chive posts ever!!!!!

  • @The_Scofield_

    Very awesome post Chive! Bravo.

  • Anonymous

    3rd from the left in #27

    Please find her 🙂

  • XeQuE

    2nd from the right in #27

    Please find her 🙂

    • mitch

      Agreed, first one I noticed

  • LineHog

    #3 Melisa Midwest is cute as hell

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      Do you like her Blonde or Brunette Better?
      Im Partial to Blonde.

      • Manfred

        Brunette all day long. But, if I'm honest with myself, she's hot as hell either way.

        • ChiverMeTimbers

          How True

  • crothell

    This gallery could be the demise of the CHIVE if HR ever gets a hold of this! LOVE IT!

  • Josh

    #3 Former Super Model Nikki Taylor

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      You need to surf the net some more buddy. Melissa Midwest…GOOGLE and thank me later.

  • Terry

    #22 Not really a "Down the Blouse" more of an "Out of the Blouse". Love it anyway.

  • pw

    8-did you photoshop her nip?

  • jeremy

    This just became the best post ever… even better than hump day in my opinion. I feel like a 14 year old again seeing his first cleavage 🙂

  • justsaying

    so the chive has finally arrived at a point where there is no more difference to any pornsite you'll find on the web.
    c'mon guys, we like girls and we like boobs but what set the chive apart from other sites was NOT showing sneaky perv pictures of unaware girls. with posts like these i feel uncomfortable browsing the chive in public.

    • Chiveroni

      If you think that any of these girls were unaware of the camera, you have some major issues with reality.

      • justsaying

        yeah, some of them were posing for the downblouse shot and all of them were surely aware that a camera was pointed at them. but that doesn't mean they were aware that you could see (or almost see) their nipples while doing so.

  • Rob

    if this gallery is wrong, i dont want to be right

  • Chris

    Now, this is something that needs to be done weekly!!!

  • mr potato head

    #10 for the win!

    • Tedskin


  • CunningLinguist

    I’m sure there’s a mathematical equation why we are so attracted to breasts, but frankly, fuck math.

  • Chiveroni

    this may be the best post ever.

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    We have launch!
    #4 #22 have enough power for another shuttle!

  • Hombre

    Love this post, features mostly REAL women and not all those fake boobies. Love it!!!!

  • lynyrd skykyrd

    Then turn yourself in. But somehow, some way… I doubt you've done anything of the sort, as you're confessing to these atrocities on a comment board of a website that encourages us to "mind the gap" (which I do! thanks, chive!)… And you're in the downblouse section.
    Also, you're posting your crimes anonymously. This means 2 things: 1) You don't Really want to be stopped. 2) you're kind of a coward, aren't you? I doubt you have the balls to do the thing you're describing.
    But again, you're probably just a confused kid, starved for attention… You'll most likely grow out of this.

    • Daris

      Like I needed another reason to respect lynyrd skynyrd. Funny shit man. Funny shit.

    • Ripple

      schooled and tastefully done lol

  • Brain

    One of the best post ideas ever. #2 #10 #15 #24 AWESOME!!!

  • Brian


  • misschris

    #3 Wow! That smile!

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