Behind the scenes Sunday (22 Photos)

  • Dont give a fuuuuuu

    Is that an hoover hand or the real thing in #20?

    • Efaray

      Real thing. Chewie don't hover hand…

      • DaddyD

        But he does use his Hoover hand to suck on all sorts of things.

  • Picard_

    #13 #10 Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!

    • DaddyD

      So … she's a dog.

    • tralfaz

      Is the atomic weight of Cobalt 58.9

  • Chubby

    almost third

    • GrammarCommie

      I guess you meant Almost Famous? #21

  • Bryan

    #22 Best Joker, amazing actor, plus looks like a cool dude to hang with. RIP Heath

    • anonymous

      Sorry, best joker was Mark Hamill

      • Foley

        I agree, heath was a great Joker but Mark Hamill was the best imo.

        • Johnny Knoxville


          • etphonehome

            Without a doubt.

      • CBG

        agree. hamill's joker is more versatile and portrays the harmless prankster and the psychopathic mass-murderer equally well. ledger's joker was great, but mostly one speed.

        • jimbojones

          They both do/did fantastic portrayals. Ledger's Joker was more of a nihilist with a helping of insanity. Also, Ledger's portrayal was a more sympathetic character in that we can empathize with him. Hamil's Joker – not so much, but it really isn't needed/required of the Joker in the animated universe.

    • Bob

      As soon as I saw that picture I knew this would be one of the first comments and be thumbed up by retards like the OP.

      • anon

        this isnt 4 chan


    • sexoffender

      he was a lame actor , the only good thing he made has kill him self so he would be remembered for committing suicide, after playing a roll "so difficult like the joker", Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill are the best joker…. he is just one more who will be remembered just for dying nothing more…..

      The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.. SUCKS!!!!!1

      • you

        you're an idiot and i hope you kill yourself soon.

    • cbs5090

      Of course he is awesome to hang around with. Hes got the hook up on the best drugs.

  • Michael

    #9 Make like a tree, and get outta here.

    • thaguyyousaw

      they really did a bad job predicting what the actors will look like when they got older, but damn it they are still awesome movies

    • Wing Zero

      Google the "Question Song" by Tom Wilson (Biff). It's AWESOME.

  • Bryan

    #21 Gotta love Almost Famous…one of my favorites

    • jp34

      notice the drummer doesn't have a girl with him

  • Chink

    #15 I'm in lesbians with this movie.

    • ????

      is this a picture from all of his pictures?

  • cmonstur


    RIP Heath 😦 Nobody will ever play the Joker like he did.

    • Darth Neegro

      subpar actor at best. decent Joker, did nothing else to remember.
      Probably was a nice guy, but why does dying make you great…no one watched anything he did before he died. except maybe the flick where he took it up the rear…that was so PC tons of dipshits had to say it was good.

      • Justin D.

        You sound like a hater.

      • cmonstur

        I don't appreciate his role because he died, I appreciate it because he did such a brilliant job of "becoming" the character he was portraying. I've watched a lot of movies that Ledger was in (and yes, I watched them before he died), as have a lot of people I know. Sowwy Chawwie, Heath is the man.

        • giggidy

          did you just type in a baby voice?…omg you're a stupid tramp

          • cmonstur

            I'm so glad you know so much about me just from one post. It's good to have talents. 🙂

    • Phondo

      not true. mark hamills' portrayed the joker longer and at least as well as(in my opinion better than) heath.

      • ranD

        "longer" makes him "better"? you do all realize that Hamil didnt do any REAL acting with his character right? he read, thats it. you can get the average 15yr old to do the same with feeling. (not to say mark isnt a good actor in other roles) but the two characters cant be compared. a cartoon vs a living breathing human being. there's no comparison sorry…

        • Phondo

          you're entitled to your opinion.

      • cmonstur

        Hamill was the voice of the Joker, but I'm talking about as an actor. No doubt Hamill was a superb voice over artist, but Heath was brilliant as the Joker.

        • MrRushing

          Yes he was. It was a unique portrayal of a beloved character. Ground breaking for sure. He was also great in Dr. Parnauss. THAT movie is wonderful. Give it a watch if any of you haven't already.

          • cmonstur

            Will have to check that out, thanks. 🙂

            • ronnie

              he is also pretty awesome in "Lords of dogtown" .

  • Brandon

    #21 Almost Famous is my fav movie. "And i want you to tell Rolling Stone magazine….IM ON DRUGS!"

  • codvip

    Beauty and The Beast….one of their lesser known films.

    • Darth Neegro

      20 minutes later, she coughed up a furball

  • codvip

    #13 Who you gonna call? GhostBu- BILL FUCKING MURRAY, That's who!

  • Alisya Hon

    for a while there, i thought #1 were the clergyman and mermaid from the new pirates of the caribbean – massive fail on my part :p

    • Darth Neegro

      thats from hollywood hottub you dumbass

      • ANR


        • orvr

          Um…yeah, I don't think he was being serious meathammer

  • bkfrijoles

    #20 get it Chewie

  • tastic

    # 21 AWESOME!!

  • AbedNadir

    #15 Highly underrated.

    • james

      Sucked epic Hipster dick!

      • Mos Eisley

        agree. Love Edgar Wright, HATED this movie. Queer Culkin was the best part of the film.

    • SirMofo

      Awesome Movie 🙂

  • loso


    watched it last weekend


    • Darth Neegro

      got thru about 30 minutes, only because that chick is strangely hot….however, my 11 year old cousin thought it was great.

      • Bazinga

        Mary Elizabeth Winstead is hot.

        • its_forge

          Mary Elizabeth Winstead should have and should be getting every role they keep giving to Megan Fox because she's (a) far, far hotter than Megan Fox and (b) can act and (c) doesn't say stupid fucking shit into microphones on red carpets.

          • orvr

            Winstead is hot, but certainly not Megan Fox hot. Thats just a stupid quote.

    • jp34

      then you have terrible taste in movies cause scott pilgrim is an amazing movie

      • Johnny

        I knew you would be in here JP. Mrs Tallet's class was awesome on friday. My dad said I could come over today, call me back.

        • dentonbeard

          Can I come over too? I love when Mrs. Tallet's classes are so awesome. I really have the hots for her, why can't I be Mr. Tallet? Call me back.

          • Johnny

            Mrs. Tallet is like 68 years old, fat, and kinda has that moustache that old ladys get. You must be desprate or something. She also has veins in her legs that stick out and are all purple. I'm not calling you back, I don't even have your number and you are a super weirdo for liking her.

            • Eeik5150

              Bromance is bromantic…and gay.

      • loso

        no, Dr Strangelove is an amaing movie, this movie is a piece of shit on the sidewalk that Dr Strangelove happenes to be walking on

    • scottpilgram


      • fucktheworld

        shut the fuck up with that "anyone who i disagree with is a troll" bullshit. the movie sucked. get over it.

        • its_forge

          I liked it and my wife liked it too, so you know it wasn't just about Mary Elizabeth Winstead being hot, since my wife isn't a Lesbonian. Er, as far as I know. = )

    • Lack

      Hey lets all fight over our opinion of a movie

      • Darth Neegro

        great fight.. there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident

        • shaka

          you gotta keep your head on a swivel out here, and Brick, you may want to leave town.

  • Anton

    #22 May you rest in peace!

  • 888

    Where is the Sundog i demanded?

  • Seannerz

    #2 Chi chi chi… ha ha ha…

    • john v.

      Nice! I knew who the guy was (Tom Savini) but couldn't place the deformed kid. duh! That was the only clue I needed.

  • Ragnar Jensson

    #22 groovy

  • Luke

    #3 Linoln didn't die, he just had a career change

    • herb

      Abe Lincoln (vampire hunter) hiding out on Dagobah? The geek center of my brain just blew a fuse.

  • walkingtheriver

    #22 This one's really cool. One hell of a man Heath was

  • Parrish Alan Dunnaway

    #2 A sex machine and a killing machine! This is the best BTS gallery so far Chive!

  • Duchess

    awesome, one of my favourite movies(Y)! #9

  • thesensibleone

    The nerds here like anything ,you can post some pics of poop and the nerds will still get excited.

    • Darth Neegro

      and vote it up 100 times

    • AtomManhattan

      That includes your mother's vagina.

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