He’s developed some photobombing skills (7 Photos)

  • 'berto

    #2 & #7 are hilarious! I needed a laugh…

  • Dave

    Whoa! This is at my local Pub. The Greengate Hotel in Killara (Sydney Australia)
    I don't know the bloke though.

    • King of Internets

      No such place exists, Australia was buried underwater centuries ago.

  • Bigocci

    This is about the lamest stuff I have seen on this site in two years. The whole thing looks staged at best.

    • https://www.facebook.com/patrick.stevenson Patrick Stevenson

      peep the rest of his stuff man, just having a good old time while were out http://yolevins.com/tagged/photobombs

    • Benjamin

      Of course it looks staged. People pose for pics. These aren’t supposed to be candid

  • Wade Wilson

    Transparent…gave a camera to a friend, said 'take pics of random people, I'll jump in behind them and look like a complete ass.' …failing to awknowledge that photobombs are not genuine if set up in pre-meditated fasion.
    Thus, quite lame.

  • Isabelle Basha


  • Jessica Condrey

    I like this guyB)

  • SNorf

    I do, his a top lad and has a whole heap of these at different events. Well worth a look at them all as he gets more and more inventive…. Clap clap to you fella

  • https://www.facebook.com/patrick.stevenson Patrick Stevenson

    I took these images, you can find more of his photobombing at http://yolevins.com/tagged/photobombs, we get bored sometimes (he is a DJ and im a club photographer) and we decide to spice things up, we are both yet to get punched in the face.. it'll happen soon though

  • Bobby B

    Must be fake for them all to be on the same camera!

  • leslie

    this is glorious. i can't stand ass douches who take pictures of themselves at the bar. oh, you like to drink and dress like a slut too? high five!

  • Bartendy McTend

    So, I work at the Gate and have never seen him… Fucking gave me a laugh though…

  • jesssiika

    i found waldo!

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