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Amazing Disney art that’s easy on the eyes (6 Photos)

This amazing art by Katie Alves recreates scenes from classic Disney films. For more of her work go HERE.

  • Ulysses350

    Very talented.

  • Catence

    Amazing art. And of course, awesome movies.

    • 332234fsaf3425afw

      take out you boobies

  • Problem?

    The Berry?

    • Paula_

      They refused it, too sissy.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Cristi Palincas

        Talking to yourself is not a good thing, Paula.

      • turn

        hahaha, agree!

      • Problem?

        Paula commenting on my comment?!?! I feel so special! I love you Paula!



  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    so… what happens when they open their eyes?

    • Bacchus

      When they open their eyes the paintings change into scenes from hardcore porn movies.

      • b.o.l


    • Katie Alves

      Nothing actually, it doesn't smudge or anything. I'm sure after a couple hours it would, but it's safe to open them.

  • bubblerider86

    wicked cool…i'd rock 'em

  • tony

    what are #3 and #4? i can't figure out what movies they are.

    • KCJake

      #3 is Aladdin.

    • Jules

      I think #4 is thumbelina but it's kinda hard to figure out.

    • steelyjay

      The second one is Disney's Tangled

  • tony

    sorry meant #4 and #5. 3 is aladin

    • Samantha Hampel

      #4 I think is Aladdin, not completely sure though. #5 is Snow White

      • Kisho

        4 is Tangled. Don't think 5 is Snow White, but the only other film I can think of would be the old Ichabod Crane cartoon they did, though it was a Jack'o'Lantern, not a skull.

        • frog212

          James and the Giant Peach?

      • ZombieBootParty

        Sleepy Hollow

    • Katie Alves

      4 is Tangled (the lantern scene) and 5 is Snow White (the woods scene where she stumbles into the scary forest, plus the "poison" apple)

  • Matt

    #4 is Tangled

  • Urban

    #6 Love a Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • zero00430

    This is why you don't fall asleep at parties with artists.

  • misschris

    #6 Is pretty wicked

  • Meh

    #1 is little mermaid

    • Hollykk

      Actually#1 is lion king. Looks nothing like little mermaid

  • KeyserSoze

    f-EYE-nd her!

  • jim yan

    wwllll this is good to b in chive but 4 more unseen entertaining photos go

  • equalizermax

    This is pointless

    • dden

      Isn't that the point?

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