Bill F$%^ing Murray (24 Photos)

Honestly, who doesn’t love Bill Murray? The man is a living legend in league all of his own. John at theCHIVE had this shirt made for himself a little over a year ago with no intention of ever selling it. However, as time has gone on we noticed that no other shirt is more commented on than this one. So all the Chivers got The Fucking Murray recently and it’s a real talking piece, man.

It’s time to share Bill Fucking Murray with the Chivers. If you want to represent the greatest man on earth, and make all your friends jealous go to theCHIVERY HERE.


  • BrownNote420

    #5 only 3 women?

    • Your Mom

      Slow night for Bill…

    • slim

      I'm sure they were his bottom bitches.

  • CarTuned

    #13 This is his reaction to making a hole-in-one on a par four…like a boss!

    • MRWong

      exactly, because when you hit a hole-in-one you hit it from the fairway…. yeah

    • mattythegooch

      Too bad he's nowhere near the tee box!

    • NardDog

      yeah, he's such a boss, he doesn't even have to use a driver to tee off.

  • WinningChiver

    #24 Here's to the man we all want to be…

    • Lesbo

      Ellen Degeneres with a beard.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      this man shits greatness and pisses excellence

    • Frank M

      Is it just me or should that t-shirt have the initials "B.F.M." below the pic?

    • Jojo

      Must be a generational thing, cause Hugh Hefner, still my role model when I'm 70 years old 😛

  • twpaige

    #22 no one can be as awesome as Bill

  • KCJake

    #14 "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."

  • TheQuickWit

    Bought… Can't wait!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #2 BFM will steal your bike and you will like it. period.

    • Matthew

      If I saw Bill Murray stealing my bike I would probably end up helping him.

      • The_Dood

        Bill Fucking Murray*

  • Mike

    #14 Coming out with a 3rd one.

  • Brouwmeester

    The greatest hero of all!

  • disturbed

    #5 Bill FUCKING Murray!

    • Waleed

      Over FUCKING rated.

  • TheLostOne

    #24 Right Click; Save As Background

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Go bigger , go HD

  • miles

    hahah #20 "more bond? or roger moore?"

  • Adam

    #4 "Au revoir, gopher"

    • amrith777

      Bill Murray FTW That Is ALL.

  • ManBearPig

    #7 Enrnie McCracken from Kingpin FTW!!

  • Skedaddle

    One of the absolute best. Ever.

  • wolf

    #24 this picture doesn't actually look too much like Bill Murray. No thanks

    • Bence Béky

      yeah… he looks like Jean Reno here

    • Casey Jacobson

      It's still Bill, with a hint of Sean Connery.

  • Nick


    if someone asks you if you're a god ray, you say yes!!

    • Mark Konior

      Sorry, that was Ernie Hudson's line

  • Lee

    Who doesn't love him? Probably his two ex-wives.

  • Paula_

    Just whoooo is that handsome guy in #23? And I don't mean the guy on the shirt because I know that's James Belushi.

    – Who the fuck is Bill Fucking Murray?

    • dub

      That's Paula.

      • amrith777

        …and then–the internets 'asploded!

        • Paula_

          Nah that only happens when I get my first kiss…

          Care to give it a shot? You handsome redhead you? ❤

          – may 21st was just a warning

          • amrith777

            What's this you say?Paula has issued to me a challenge?Ok,Paula–I accept your challenge so long as you know that we must accept total responsibility for not only the internets 'asploding when said kiss has been delivered–but also for ripping a huge hole in the fabric of space and time,resulting also in the earth spinning off it's axis and careening off into the nether regions of the multi-verse. *throws down gauntlet*

            • Wing Zero

              So let it be Chived,
              So let it be done.

            • Paula_

              Alllll right then!
              [to the melody of 'come to my aid' by Simply Red because you remind me of them]
              "Cooome to my caaaave, Cooome to my caaaave, Cooome to my caaaave".

              – already clearing the bugs out of the cave

              • amrith777

                Wow!! Serenading me AND cleaning/feathering the nest…err…cave *swoon*
                Not to bring up a small detail–but don't you live across the pond??

                :* Amrith

                • Paula_

                  Ermmm… that would depend on what side of the pond you are currently on dear… This is very confusing. I have heard of ponds but hardly ever leave the cave so I'm not sure what they are. Just as I was sweeping the cave yesterday, happily awaiting your arrival, I found another one of those pits I dug years ago where I stored my feces. I love the smell of shit in the morning as much as any other troll, but it made me realise there's hardly any more room to dig these holes. I need a new cave…

                  – across everything depending on your POV

                  • amrith777

                    I am in Colorado USA.I need a new cave,too.Ironically.

    • Jack Mehoff

      I guess he haven't had you yet, cause if he had, you'd know who he is.

    • Maynard B.

      Just ignore it, maybe it will go away.

      • Paula_


        – just no

  • matthias

    #18 is from what movie?

    • jaguar1024

      The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Der.

      • matthias

        thank you

    • snoobs89

      The life aquatic. incredible movie, many people didnt quite get it but i enjoyed it throughly. bit miffed there is not one picture from Groundhog day in this gallery?

      • matthias

        thank you

  • VedHead77

    For as much play as His Greatness gets on theChive, maybe he could stop by the office for some drinks. Maybe bring some FLBP-type friends with him?

    • Haterade

      I would lose all respect for the man.

    • the truth

      bill murray is way too fucking cool for the chive.

      • VedHead77

        …but…he's on theChive???

        • Haterade

          stolen, like everything else.

  • MillBurray


  • Brother Maynard

    #22 I don't always have flowers on me beard, but when I do it's fucking awesome.

    • cirque de soleil

      i rocked this look at the GLAAD event party

    • Guest commenter

      You know what, if he was the star of those commercials, I wouldn't hate them so much.

  • Mason

    I’m ashamed to say my girl friend has no idea who Bill Murray is…..

    • HillBilly Bone

      Time to move on……

  • the_junglist

    "So do you have any regrets?"
    "…………Garfield, maybe."

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