Found: Ji Min Hwang (17 Photos)

The lead photo up there was also the lead photo in our 'Set your GPS to Find Her' gallery two weeks ago. Sometimes when it comes to finding out who a girl is, the answers are right in front of you... in this case the anonymous girl had literally tattooed her name on her left boob, which I'm not sure is a fantastic idea, what with the aging process and the gravity n' such. Anyway, Ji Min is a university student in South Korea and, of course, a part-time model.

  • Matt

    What does the tat say?

    • cirque de soleil

      Chive needs a hot guys post!!!!!

      • elbruces

        Check out theBerry for that (sister site to theChive)

    • ROK247

      everybody hwang chung tonight

      • _________

        Meh, they all look the same…..

    • KCJake

      Nice to see someone that dives right into the pictures without reading the text.

    • reader

      her name? ji min

    • Zad

      "I am full of myself."

    • mith

      It's her name because she's either to retarded to remember it, or she's tired of all the guys not remembering it. She probably has the same tat on her ass just as a reminder.

  • Stablu

    I would stick my tongue so far up her ass I would taste sushi rice.

    • Glizz

      That was graphic. Thanks.

    • Mario Tjokrodirijo

      she's korean.. not japanese.. the correct term would be kim-chi… just saying…

      • Some Dude

        I would stick my tongue so far up her ass Kim Jong Il would feel it. Hows that?

        • bob

          Just as stupid. Kim Jong Il is from North Korea.
          She's obviously from South Korea.
          And your great-granddad probably fought in that war to keep it that way…

          • Pål

            Ehm… Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the war between USA and Vietnam?

            • HogtownDaddy

              You're an idiot pal

              • ThatGuy

                And it seems you just got trolled.

            • Greg

              Ever heard of the Korean conflict moron?

          • Urban

            You guys are phucking hilarious. I love intelligent Chivers.

            • Jvee Veneracion

              Here here. And if you stick your tongue that far, wouldn't that mean you're licking Kim Jong Il? You a fag? *lol*

              • ThatGuy

                What's wrong with being a fag?

            • ThatGuy

              Why, because they're feeding a troll?

              • Steve Lee

                Unless she was making out with Kim Jong II at the time… a three way then?

                Either way, the ideological differences, and wide DMZ, and political pressures I am sure would make that difficult to pull off.

                • Sam

                  KIm Jong Il is pretty ronery these days so it could happen.

  • Turbo

    why are so many pics flipped backwards?

  • Bill

    That tatoo is a nice idea. If u forgot her name just check her breasts.

    • RGH

      …so if you get caught looking at her chest, you tell her you forgot her name? I really

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      If you keep looking at them like you're supposed to then you'd never forget her name.

  • jack


    • JDub


    • GRyde

      Jack Jack Jack. U R so FAIL.

  • davisrj

    #16 the look of an angel!

    • Biggus Diccus

      It looks like she's wearing blue contacts, which makes her that much hotter

    • Ateka

      What a pretty face!

    • mith

      Yah maybe an asain hooker angel

  • JOE


  • Asians Rule.

    I don't chest tattoos on women….until now. dibs.

  • Birdhaus32

    Definitely makes it look like her tat keeps moving to the other tit. It was throwing me off.

    Side note – decent find but there's better out there

  • Barabba

    Are these eye contact lenses too big? wtf!

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      they are anime lenses, made to make the eye look bigger

  • HillBilly Bone

    #10 She looks bored. Must not be chiving……..

    Gorgeous gal!

  • Chas Smith

    Shes beautiful!

  • misschris

    #3 Wow, what a doll face

  • joocifer

    #10 shes beautiful…even when shes sad

    • oregon coast

      tattoo seems to have vanished in this one

  • eDubya72

    #10 #16 and #17

    She is… nice to look at 🙂

    • Jen

      i feel like she looks very asian in #10 and latino in #17

      • eDubya72

        Agreed. She definitely looks like she is two different ethnicities in those photos.

  • Brad

    that's the lamest tattoo I've ever seen, her name on her breast…

    she is missing the "hello my name is…" sticker…

  • Paula_

    I wonder what she calls the other boob.

    – the one who loves to 'meh'. But doesn't

    • Paula_

      Oh fuck those thumbs up! Vote me down already. Trolls!

      – the one who likes it down here in hell

      • gord

        But we all really love ya

  • Pat

    Chivers, Why you so mean with comments???

  • plop

    i've got the yellow plague!!

  • I am

    why the fuck would you write your own name on your chest??

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'd write my own name on there, if my name was white blobs of jizz

    • newscot

      Maybe it's like how english people are always getting asian tattoos. Maybe the opposite is also true.

    • ROK247

      so you know what to scream later?

    • BeefFarmer

      It's the Ho Ji Min trail…

    • Reality

      A goddamn bitch with her name tattooed on her chest is trashy as shit. Fucking bottom-feeders.

  • That Guy

    all she needs to do is tat that 'hello my name is…' style name tag on her chest.


      More like "HERRO" my name is!

      • That Guy

        holy shit! forever thumbs up!

  • JC

    MOAR of her lower half!!!

    • duh

      Damn right! Let's see those legs and thong'd ass!

  • Lasertjie

    Why does her tat move from one breast to the other? It must be a non-permanent one =]

    • hMMMM


    • HollarPeenYo

      You Sir, should be a detective!

    • Keith_D

      It's like Prince John's mole in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It just has a mind of it's own

  • McBeastie

    She's hot, but I don't understand why you would take something as beautiful as a young firm breast and mar it as she did.

    • miatch

      Thank you Chive!!

  • Psy419

    Wait, how has no one noticed that the tattoo switches from her left breast to her right breast a bunch of times? How is that possible? I am so confused.

    • EdWood

      Read the comments on the 1st page.
      Pic was taken into a mirror.

      • jtsk312

        even if you take a picture INTO a mirror it doesnt change the appearance of body art

      • Psy419

        Wow, that was even dumber than what I said. I love it when people try to act smart yet are still an idiot.

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