Found: Ji Min Hwang (17 Photos)

The lead photo up there was also the lead photo in our 'Set your GPS to Find Her' gallery two weeks ago. Sometimes when it comes to finding out who a girl is, the answers are right in front of you... in this case the anonymous girl had literally tattooed her name on her left boob, which I'm not sure is a fantastic idea, what with the aging process and the gravity n' such. Anyway, Ji Min is a university student in South Korea and, of course, a part-time model.

  • neXx

    – yes plz, ill take 3.

  • Havoc Control

    ok why does she mirror her photos?

  • Nutastic

    #10 Ji Min me hard!!

  • r@f

    Uh-Oh! Someone's gaaaaaaay!

    • Wade Wilson

      Gay indeed…one of the hottest Korean girls I've ever seen.

  • vindi

    She needs to eat a few American Hamburgers!

    • duh

      or my American hot dog….

  • Clif Stone


  • ilovethechive

    And the text would look backwards niM iJ

  • cincy o

    Is her name "Ji Min" or "Nim ij"???

  • JDub

    In joining the rest of the chivers I'll agree that she's pretty hot and but I'm not a fan of the breast tattoo. And of all things to get tattooed on your tit you why chose your name?! to each their own I guess


    #9 is that her boyfriend?? fffffuuuuuuu–

  • TinFoilHatSoldier

    I could not be less bored with this chick.

    • urGay

      to quote an overused line on this site.. "I've got bad news for you…"

  • Aaron

    I still don't trust asian posts you guys put up

  • Dave

    #16 made me stop in my tracks. to bad she going to shrink and wither over the years.

    • icya

      like all of us…

  • Doug

    Suckie suckie five dolla!

  • Michel Payette


    Not my cup-a-tea but she's pretty.

    And bwt, what's up with the douchebags who keep posting that they're first…when they're not. Or even if they were…who gives a fuck.

    • bobsky

      Because that's as good as their life ever gets. That "first" is really all they have…

      It's like asking someone why they're stupid. You'll never get a good answer.

    • dull

      some of us care who is first!

  • that tattoo moves from left boob to right boob back to the left one

    bay area

  • jtsk312

    The tattoo flips from the left to the right side throughout, and it fails to appear in #10 at all…. Signs say shopped.

    • bobsky

      or a temp tattoo maybe?

      • jtsk312

        Could be.. "Jimin" is the japanese name for 'compassionate'

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    really? man, the "found her" girls are slipping. you guys must be too busy taking pics of patty and reposting the same stuff to look for quality girls.

  • Anonymous


  • Pat

    I think the tat is fake. In some pictures its on her left boob and some pictures it on her right.

  • Leon

    She is not Chive hot, decently attractive though. I have been trying to figure out what the Asian girl appeal is to so many American men. Asian girls are used to Asian guys so a small white penis has got to be like blackzilla to them. It is just another way of buying a large pickup truck to over compensate.

    • icya

      and the stupid statement of the day goes to…..LEON!!! Congrats!

  • meh

    I'm sorry. Boob tattoos are just not attractive.

  • Da Sandman

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • Federico Schulzen


  • asb

    wow. she went from asian to western in a series of photos #3 #17

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