Found: Ji Min Hwang (17 Photos)

The lead photo up there was also the lead photo in our 'Set your GPS to Find Her' gallery two weeks ago. Sometimes when it comes to finding out who a girl is, the answers are right in front of you... in this case the anonymous girl had literally tattooed her name on her left boob, which I'm not sure is a fantastic idea, what with the aging process and the gravity n' such. Anyway, Ji Min is a university student in South Korea and, of course, a part-time model.

  • ALgSpot

    #3 난 사랑에 빠졌어요 같아!

    • floppes

      진짜요? 그녀는 너무 말랐단 듯하는데요..


    As with the "duck face" posts, it's time to do an "Asian girls doing the Dizzy Gillespie impression / blowing up a balloon thing, while giving a peace sign" post.

    (Feel free to rename said post, it's all I could come up with right now.)

    (Not that this girl did that, it just reminded me of it.)

    If I had a buck for every time I have seen an Asian girl doing that pose, I'd have Oprah money…….

  • ProvenZer0

    #15, yes, please…thank you.

  • Charlie_Cheen

    Blondes with fake boobs? You must be new here; Chiver's often complain about the fakies and ask for more Chivettes

    • blah

      And you probably haven't paid enough attention lately. It's an honest observation. Not many care about fake boobs as long as they're hot. And for the record not all chivettes are au naturale.

  • Miguel Angel Ortega

    mmmm….only #16

  • elbruces

    Neat, it's like a nametag!

    Also makes it real easy to tell which photos are flipped.

  • Alex

    I'm so confused

    #11 the tattoo is on her left boob and #14 it's on her right boob…..

  • Cake is a Lie

    I see what you did there

  • Matt

    To the idiots who think her tattoo is “shopped” or “fake” or are just confused by it: if you look, the “Ji” is always close to her cleavage, reversed or not. It’s a real tattoo. As for it not being in all the pictures, she must have gotten the tattoo after that picture was taken.

    I mean seriously guys…you can’t really be that dumb, can you?

  • john

    Why does here tattoo keep switching sides!? 😛

  • Jake

    She is painfully beautiful.. #17

  • D

    This girl is beautiful. Haters can go fuck themselves (like they have a choice).

  • J

    This girl is average. Not impressed.

  • Dapper_Dave

    South Korea looks good this time of year

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #16 she fine….

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else wonder why her tattoo is able to switch from one boob to the other?

  • cbrrider

    the tat is a fake, look at the pics the tat changes from left to right titty

  • jim yan

    wwllll this is good to b in chive but 4 more unseen entertaining photos go

  • Jack Mehoff

    She got a pretty face #5, but I wonna see what her ass look like.
    I'am Jack Mehoff and I like nice, round butts.

  • floppes

    예쁘긴 하지만 그렇게 날씬 하면 절대 안된다.

    • jas

      says the fatty

    • ALgSpot

      내가 좀 한국 사랑

    • ALgSpot

      구글은 번역 폭탄이다. 오른쪽 floppes?

      • floppes

        아니. 난 그냥 한국어 할 줄 아는 놈이다 ㅋㅋ 근데 넌 구글 번역 사용하는 거 같다

        • jas

          im glad to see some koreans on the chive

    • ALgSpot

      미안 해요. 제가 번역기를 사용해야합니다. 내가 한국 모르겠어요. 당신을 위해 좋은!

  • the rapture

    this chick is borrrrrring….next!

  • red baron

    Why does her tattoo keep switching sides? Anyone?

  • Vini

    Why is her tattoo keep switching sides…..
    One pic is on the left and then a different pic is on the right side and some pics she doesn't have a tattoo

  • papagiovanni

    dudette, eat somethin' fer chrissakes….you're way 2 bony #2.

  • comocozi

    Why is #3 tattoo on the left boob and #4 tattoo on the right?

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