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Found: Ji Min Hwang (17 Photos)

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The lead photo up there was also the lead photo in our 'Set your GPS to Find Her' gallery two weeks ago. Sometimes when it comes to finding out who a girl is, the answers are right in front of you... in this case the anonymous girl had literally tattooed her name on her left boob, which I'm not sure is a fantastic idea, what with the aging process and the gravity n' such. Anyway, Ji Min is a university student in South Korea and, of course, a part-time model.

  • Skedaddle

    Rack attack.🙂

  • gifersz

    too skinny

  • Intent

    Been sitting with this for the last 20mins. So awkward to ask of your name, but i really want to know, before i rape and kill you, and make a trophy out of your head and hands, digesting your eyeballs, that way we will be as one when the dark mother greets us in the eternal flames of hell.
    I also enjoy Fitness, long walks on the beach, anal, good food.

  • Hellequin_Bull

    #3, #10, #11, #15
    I just LOVE and ADORE South Korean women! First Asian girlfriend I ever had was a South Korean, and she just set the tone!

  • Ben

    TY chive for finding her. I think everyone agrees we need moar photos/pics!

  • Anonymous

    Is the tattoo on her boob changing sides or am I retarded?

    • They look opposite because they are mirror shots! I tripped out too.


  • Steven


  • ar tee

    uhhh, will you forward my admiration to this beautiful lady?

  • CaptainWow

    yeah. i love her.



  • Grant

    Anyone else noticing that half of the time her tattoo is on her right boob?

  • I Love KangKong

    #10 forget her name all of a sudden, i'll keep looking though


    She is soooooooo hot what the hell

  • Guest

    But what happens when she doesn't have makeup…

  • rishi_11_2002

    that.. is HOT

  • Keith_D

    So, umm… Do you have any plans to come to the States? Like the east coast? Possibly the D.C. area? Or maybe even about an hour south of that?

  • @lalelilouie

    Y U GAY, BRAH?

  • resist_boredom

    they are not flipped, she has a twin with the same tatoo on the other side LOL, we can only hope there is two of them haha

  • Chris

    Not a real tattoo..its on the left boobie, then on the right boobie, & then its not even on there in one of the pics but i'd tap that til tuesday none the less

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