I hate my job (24 Photos)

The response to last week’s ‘I Hate My Job’ was awesome. We’re going to make this a weekly post but we need the Chivers’ help. Take a photo of what you hate most about your job. It can be ANYTHING as long as it boils your blood. Then send the photo to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

Chive On!

  • pjsupremex

    #24 that blows!

    • KimiD

      Sorry maybe I should know this, but what exactly is that substance?

      • friendly joe

        GC 161

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          So wholly illegal toxic dumping then?

    • Carl Jr

      I'm going say… that's not legal

    • Machinist

      I'm guessing it's lard/grease from a fryer. It's probable glowing because the light from the blitzing camera got all up in the grease and got thrown around creating a luminescent effect or sum'thin'…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521541108 cmonstur

    #14 is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    • Shawn

      need to dip the pens in something that tastes awful before you leave work for a period of time

      • insomniac

        take a can of air, turn it upside down, and spray the entire pen. the bitterant in the spray tastes horrible and stays in the mouth for quite awhile. the pen will taste bad long after the liquid has dried.

    • dub

      I'd suggest coating all your pen ends with Orajel. It's for toothaches and numbs the mouth temporarily.

      It might spook whoever is doing it – and you can avoid a lawsuit from dipping your pens in your butt.

    • Dom

      Tell Peeves to stop chewing on all your pens then.

    • Mart

      leave a stash of pens where you usually do but spray the ends with a pepperspray or something a long those lines. Then have a secret stash me pens that you can actually use yourself. Should be hard to find out whos chewing your pens after that.

    • VDubb

      Dip with a little ghost pepper hot sauce…the culprit will be VERY easy to identify!

      • sixdeadelves

        i was going to suggest poison, but yours is better

    • Cobalt

      buy some Cayenne Pepper Powder. mix with lemon juice. dip the end of a pen into the mix. allow to dry. leave pen on desk.

      They shouldn't ever chew on pens again.

    • cirque de soleil

      fuck peppers, picture of the pen ends in a butt crack will end it all, and anyone who knows he is doing it will laugh at him forever

    • seebo

      anti-chew dog spray, the bitter apple stuff. It stays in the mouth way longer than necessary and is completely safe.

      • UPSgrrrL88

        Hells yeah! That stuff is just fucking awful. Not as awful as someone chewing on your pens. Nasty.

      • Ashley

        Yeah but be sure to have an extra stash of pens and hand sanitizer. It stays on you hands a while if you touch anything it has touch. Surprisingly my dog loved it yet I hated it.

    • Glizz

      Pop the end in your ear, earwax taste will stop them and it doesn't seem as malicious/obvious as the pepper/ass crack based solutions.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I rub my pens up and down the crack of my arse and make sure everyone knows about it.

      Seems to work.

    • Matthew Molin

      get some blairs hot sauce and dip the tips get the right one and it will stop

    • The_Dood

      Dip the tips in LSD. Then put a drop on your donut for good measure.

    • Brian

      Simple and FREE way to stop them. Take a can of air, turn it upside down, spray the pens with the liquid that comes out. A bitter agent is put into almost all cans of air nowadays. It's oil based and lasts for a long time and FREE!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kureigu Craig Easdale

      You can get stuff that you paint on your nails to stop you biting them. It tastes horrible, like the most bitter plastic thing you've ever tasted and it just. does. not. go. away.

    • horstmac


      Used this to stop my dog from chewing his leash, got some on my fingers, tastes horrible and stays in your mouth for about 24 hours.

    • Lovemyuniballsigno

      Those uniball signos are the best freaking pens ever!!!! Am I the only one to notice this?

    • Blake

      Go see a psychiatrist because clearly you are schizophrenic

  • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.spain Lalo Teijeiro

    #10 kill it with fire!!!

  • Mike


  • Cake is a Lie

    and in the back of my mind, I think.. if my boss catches me on the Chive.. maybe he will release me from his hell called a job.

    • dub

      I think a lot of us have that mentality. It's beautiful. We work because we have to, not because any one of us really wants to be here.

      It's not really beautiful.

  • Mandalor

    #5 I love seeing shit from my state show up here.

    • Creep Dog

      I drove over that bridge in April when I was there in April to watch my boy Victor Ortiz win the WBC Welterweight Belt in April.

      • Lolita

        I'm sorry, when were you there? 😉

    • TRB

      Rock on!! Spent my honeymoon in Mystic cuz we were friggin poor and everyone thought we'd be divorced in a year…that was 9 years ago! At least they have a window to stare out of.

    • EFF

      LOL me too

    • Michael Brown

      I know that bridge well.

    • kingblc

      Chive On Southeast CT. To the OP, where in Mystic do you work? I will definitely patronage your establishment now.

    • Pucktender316

      I hope whoever posted this goes across the street on the opposite side of the bridge for the crazy good ice cream there…southeastern CT for life…go Niantic

    • august west

      Holy shit! I'm from Mystic!

    • Alex

      Is this bridge back in operation? Last time I was there it was all tarped up. Granted that was like 2 months ago.

      • august west

        Apparently. I've only been going back for Christmas for the past few years but it looks better than I think I've ever seen it. I remember the railings as dull yellow and rusting, not new battleship grey. Also, I'm pretty sure that black street light in the foreground is new.

    • j.j.

      ya me too. kinda strange, but awesome. go CT

  • Jimbo

    #14 get some new pens, dunk them in the toilet, leave on your desk. See if anyone chews them. If so, leave a note saying you dunked them in the toilet.

    • its_forge

      Or just put a permanent note on your pen cup saying "I dip these in the urinal when I take them out of the box."

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

      Get some of that sour dog spray. That'll teach em.

  • Jon

    #14 rub some habanero chiles on the sucker, or a really intense hot sauce. Just don't touch your eyes

    • http://www.facebook.com/whitney.southworth whitneysouth

      Off topic but your comment made me remember a story that happened to a friend of mine.
      Her boyfriend had just eaten some really hot peppers and went down on her.
      Waaay worse than touching your eyes….
      Cool story bro, I know.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        So…she had a burning bush?

  • clay

    I had an Office Space "TPS cover sheet" moment this morning. If one more person asked me about an EWP order…

  • wztarheel


    • Zach in a cubicle

      It is of the devil… Always there when you absolutely don't need it.

    • jjj

      or you get attached to some email you don't give a shit about and get all the damn replies to it.

      • http://twitter.com/Scandalus @Scandalus

        I despise that. And since I'm in the military, I can't write a smartass reply to get them to stop. Well, I could, but it would be a really bad day after that.

  • Spocker


    Try putting chili pepper or tabasco sauce on the end or some other gross substance that would gag an elephant.

    • guest

      I was thinking Bitter Apple… or, an upturned can of compressed air, the bitter agent in that is nasty…

  • Coolbreeze

    #14…stick the back end of a new pen into some fresh Dog turd. Wipe it off enought so that you can't see most of it and leave it. I don't think they will come back anymore.

  • Jon Green

    #23 You need to hire an industrial ventilation specialist. You don't need a respirator, you just need better plant ventilation, which may require some filtration devices.

    • Jon

      No this is a serious problem and if the person who sent this reads this you should call OSHA.

    • Lev

      That, or don't work in a sweat shop.

    • Eric

      They need better ventilation and most likely respirators if they're creating that much dust, OSHA would have a lot of fun here, which honestly might be worth a call if you're supervisors aren't willing to do something .

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

      Call OSHA, but be prepared of the massive fine they will induce on your company.

    • Rusty

      I'm the one that sent that picture. The stuff in the air isn't dust. It's a plastic factory, and this is off-gassing from the heating process that the plastic goes through before molding.

      Here's the thing: I'm – technically – in charge of safety. However, there's certain things that I'm not allowed by the company to do … one of which is installing ventilation, and another of which is purchasing respirators.

      I've already had Cal/OSHA out to the factory several times AT MY REQUEST, but there haven't been any really big fines yet. The owners of the company – they're foreigners – seem to believe that it's cheaper to just pay off small fines than make expensive changes to the equipment and the building.

      I'm having Cal/OSHA out again probably tomorrow or the next day, depending on when the guy's free. He's got some follow-up to do on some unreported amputations (from before I started) … and respiratory issues that required hospitalization.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        You are doing a noble thing, sir/madam.

      • AwV

        Why do I suspect they don't want respirators because it would be an admission that something's wrong…

        No employer ever wants to admit there might be something hazardous about what they do. Especially when it could cost them money to rectify.

        What do other similar plants do? Has Cal/OSHA done any air quality testing? Have any toxic chemicals been reported in their samples? Has the county or city been involved? They may have more interest than the state.

        My personal desire would be to blow the whistle loud and clear on this. Maybe one of their competitors could secure you a position before you do it… 🙂 All it would take is a full expose on thechive!

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #24 @ Springfield Nuclear Plant

    • zero00430

      So THAT is why the Simpsons are yellow!

    • Leprekong

      So thats why their all yellow

    • JimF

      Exactly what I was going to ask, "Are those GLOWING?"

  • Dom

    #17 awe boo hoo.

    • leprekong

      My toughts exactly
      poor baby
      poor poor baby

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

      You've got four freaking displays. I've got a 4 year old Toughbook that was given to me when I started and half the ports have a mind of their own when they want to work.

  • DefendDallas

    #22 made me lol, outloud…

    • Vince


    • MillBurray

      So… It made you lolol?

      • ydodonutshave2die

        lmao thats wat i was thinking

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

      How does it make you laugh? It angers me to know that people are that stupid and absent minded to not even see the garbage can that's been pushed back just enough to miss the hole.

  • chrisdg74

    #15, #18. Being a "jack of all trades" for my company, and I.T. being one of those trades, I have exempted myself from all restrictions. I can Chive all day.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Please explain how, I can chive but there are other sites I'd like to visit

      • chrisdg74

        We have a Watchguard Firebox. You can block by pre-determined site "category"(tasteless,nudity,news, etc). I'm not sure WHERE that list comes from. I assume from the manufacturer. You can also manually block individual sites, or create exceptions for sites to get through the filtering. You can also exempt internal IP addresses from any rule you create. So, I simply added my IP to the exempt list. So, if you're in good with IT, maybe you can get them to exempt you. Bribery always helps.

        • black27696

          There's services that provide it. Our company uses [censored] which gets its list from [omitted]. Of course, having admin rights….I don't have it checking my ip.

  • greg

    #14…. super glue or ipecac?

    • UPSgrrrL88

      Ipecac would be awesome!

  • qteam3d

    #7 Stop Chiving an get back to work, Bob, still waiting for those orders from last week.

    • bob

      right away, sir

      • Jen

        im gonna need those TPS reports on my desk NOW

  • Pedro

    #14 Put a couple of pens in your butt, then leave them out. Gross, but effective.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bret.vanarsdale Bret Van Arsdale

      I agree pedro, and the man, or woman with the blisters on his or her mouth, is the one who chewed the anal dipped pens, its a dead give away

  • dajesus

    #24 You can't have a drain because glowing nuclear waste isn't supposed to go in there. Well, unless maybe you're in Russia, in which case congrats. Your English is fantastic.

  • Dom

    Awesome idea.

  • Kaars

    #14, dip the pen caps in Visene. It will only mildly irritate their stomach, and they'll know EXACTLY where it came from.

  • Cake is a Lie

    #14 some type of clear film, like dipping the ends in rubber cement. They wont see it and when they put it in their mouth… also, maybe its you? Are you chewing on your pens without knowing it?

  • Bill

    #16 a lot of these things look like they were used to consume drugs

    • Claire

      That's what my first thought was before reading it.

      • amrith777

        Yeah,mine too.

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