• Athena

    Makes me wanna adopt an otter 🙂

  • TheRealJoel

    Thanks for that.

  • Mike

    It is in Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. It's not an otter either

  • Mike

    No I lie, it's no AK zoo, similar tho.

  • loso

    It’s really refreshing watching a kid be a kid
    No one telling him to not run or to calm down

    The world needs more of this

    And Santa Claws

  • Bryce Willits

    I wish I was an otter..

  • Wakka wakka

    I did something like that with a mermaid. It was ok.

  • HollarPeenYo

    I had a similar experience to this once with a Bear…

  • absolutcarcrazy

    "I shall eat his entrails on my tummy!!!"

  • The0s

    They should totally become a new crime fighting team

  • special_k

    That's pedobear's amphibian cousin.

  • jim yan

    4 more hot sexy chives go to

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