• MArk

    If you go down to the woods today………………………….

    • Sakshi

      #25That is from my country, Pakistan. It’s cllaed Truck Art. A very famous Truck Artist has been travelling to UK & Germany to teach other artists his form of traditional art. You can also find a truck of this sort in a Museum in Germany. A Ship has arrived from Turkey to have traditional truck paintings made on it & no we can not live without such trucks as they are the pride & joy of those who own them I love this site but, please get your facts in order before posting.

  • unreal_vector

    Bear 1: "Here we are again – the classic hiker's dilemma. Do we get off the path and let them pass, or the other way around? Dammit, it's gonna be us, I can feel it; they're not even looking."

  • marin

    "ohh look, a puppies"

  • mac_love


  • anon


  • dashing d

    O.K. we'll rock, paper, scissors for the third!

  • Jake

    Wild URSARING has appeared!

  • jim

    hey harry, the last two tasted like granola, lets hope for prime rib!!!!!!

  • Vance Garner

    Bear has died of dysentery…

  • Eliot

    #1 "This is the worst day ever!"

  • zach

    oh shit humans….honey just back up slowly

  • josh

    OMG look kids …look look ………real humans right here in the city…

  • scary69

    the bear faced cheek of them using our trail

  • jim yan

    more revolutionary sexy photos

  • PolishMark

    5% Bear tax………… I already pay the Homer Tax!!

    Thats the Home Owner Tax

  • i.glove

    Hey Boo Boo, what did I tell ya!

  • Daniel Salmič

    you're fucked

  • r.w.

    "So, the best way to avoid a bear encounter….

    ….is really to just be aware at all times."

  • gus

    bears? out here? dont be stupid… now just up here on the left you'll see….fuck me

  • Rana

    How can anyone see this and not have a heavy heart. The bond that these men have and what they go thruogh together is something that 99% of civilians will never experience. God bless them all. Post.

  • tim

    if you go out in the woods today you better go in disguise, if you go out in the woods today your in for a big surprise. Today's the day if ever there was that all the bears will gather because, today's the day the bear are having a RAVE!

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