• chassy92

    maybe they know where the next burger stand is!!

  • Bankor

    "Ladies first."

  • Loki

    Surprise Cock Fags!

  • Kyle

    "I always mess up in these situations…are we supposed to pass on the right or the left?"

  • Andrew

    Visors = Bear Attacks


    I see a face in the snow back there. Totally looks like a Tauntaun.

  • top dog

    Bear: "Son, dinner has just arrived."

  • gary kaas

    So…. These three guys walk in to a bar… I mean bear…..

  • Will

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?

    Would you let a bear guide you on a hike through the woods?

  • shawnstu

    Good morning humans. Just a heads up…there've been some reports of mountain lion activity a bit further up this trail. So, you know, keep an eye out and be aware, these guys are no joke.

  • @rossreads

    "Oh fuck run!"

    "Oh fuck run!"

  • 666fun

    Does a hiker shit in the woods?


    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's ,,, OH SHIT!!!

  • Niko

    There is BEARLY enough room out here for the 3 of us.

    This heat is unBEARable!

    I can believe I'm hiking BEAR feet!

    Bears: "This aint the zoo, so give us your pic-a-nic basket, ayy Boo Boo!"

  • Tim Hillard

    I’ll bet you a thigh that if we stand perfectly still they won’t see us? Bet.

  • Kong1965

    Even though it was a Sunday, the bears were surprised to find the line at the buffet was pretty short.

  • GMeezer

    The term, "Mexican Standoff" just got taken to a Hole Notha' Level.

  • beerme

    Damn bears can’t handle this hike. At least we won’t have to hear their bitching anymore.

  • Dave

    Maybe fixing theChive iPhone app isn't such a great idea after all…

  • @bloodload816

    Where is Baxter when you really need him?

  • Nathan

    Quit being a such a pussy Rick….there are no bears out here!

  • layman dan


  • Brian

    Well, looky what we have here; Lunch

  • Gixxer

    Tonight we dine in hell!!! SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Jader08

    Hey Yogi, check out these mother fuckers…

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