Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Fair warning, it's Hump DAR...

  • sam

    #2, #35, #45, #48

    I love Hump DAR

    • Angry Kid

      I have come back from the future to let you know that you can skip reading the rest of the comments because they are exactly the fucking same. "I love DAR" – "So Hot!" – "I love hump day!" – That's about it. It's like robots write them…. wait…….

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      then look at this (sfw) http://www.angryduck.com/pics/clap_clap_clap.html your welcome

    • BSmike

      Forgot #6… wow

      • BSmike

        Oh, and FIND HER

    • Adam Heffelfinger

      Nobody is going to mention the epicly fast turtle?

      • dub

        The Turtle and the Hare hooked up.

      • Bacchus

        I think you just did.

    • kiyoshi

      pretty sure i know who #2 is..

      • KCJake


  • BrownNote420

    #45 #48 ..I love hump day!

    • ** PAULA HATER **

      #45 I love her and the Chargers!!!!

    • Cake is a Lie

      Go Chargers!…Go!

    • http://www.lazythekid.blogspot.com LazyTheKid

      San Diego FTW!

  • Brother Maynard

    Hump day DAR, is there a better DAR?

    • Grammar Ninja

      No. No there is not.

    • Vagina Jones

      I would definitely help her look for whatever it is she lost.

      • DAR time

        Um yes. Little more to the right.

  • daniel

    #36, #37, #38

    I think I'm just going to build a fort in my living room tonight, watch Back to the Future, and ride it out until tomorrow

    • KyleGamgee

      Tomorrow… will be a good day.

    • :-D

      They should soo make trading cards..

    • Poontangler

      #6 – Oh sweet Lord. PERFECT BODY!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        did you just put your comment on someone else's comment so people would see what you had to say about something? that is an awesome picture tho.

        • Poontangler

          Goddamn right Terry. It's less about the comment and more about the picture, and that picture can go wherever the fuck it wants to. You're very observant for a guy with no mustache.

          • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

            … you're alright Poontangler… you're alright

    • A Photographer

      Even though it doesn't look like it from these pics, I am holding on to hope that the photography will be better for these three girls than it was for Shay Maria. There's only so much over exposure, incorrect flash usage, and washed out details that can be tolerated. Get a real photographer to capture the beauty of these girls, or at least one that understands flash does not have to mean blown out highlights and details in every single shot.

    • HectorGum

      I've been waiting so long for Lauren and tomorrow I will have it. I'm so happy I wanna cry.

      • Lauren Gentile

        I hope I don't disappoint. πŸ™‚ We got some really funny shots so I think it should be good! Thank you for the support Hector!!

        • HectorGum

          You're gorgeous and natural, there's no way you can dissapoint us Lauren. =D

        • phonehangerupper

          Are you also #6 in the DAR?

      • a fan

        should have seen the shoot live

        O.o wow

  • winner

    Erin, in lingerie at a bar drinking Makers Mark? Yes, please.

    • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

      actually, Patty drank it.

      • GI Joe

        Thanks for pouring me the Markers….I think I'm gonna need it….is it hot in here??

        • GI Joe

          Makers….dammit.. I was flustered

      • LindsaySD

        Im so excited to see how your shoot came out! congrats girl πŸ™‚

      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        i like that you guys are commenting on what people say and thanking them for the compliments and stuff. it's awesome and shows just how cool the 3 of you are

    • teh_shard

      Way to get my hopes up… the chicks I know who can down a glass of whiskey that tall don't look that good.

  • Random

    #16 – not part of hump day, but really hot

    • Dood

      really, really hot

    • switch_24

      this pic got me scrolling back up the thread for about 3x.. moar of her please..

    • http://twitter.com/Scandalus @Scandalus

      When I saw this, I went blind. And I haven't even STARTED fapping yet!

    • http://twitter.com/ScottCO09 @ScottCO09

      Find her.

    • Bada Bing

      Hot but by the look of those heels an actual stripper!

      • Sauru

        who cares?

    • joecool

      who is she?!

    • ranD

      i believe Sandra Westgate again via her twitter.

    • Hayden Baer


    • wasaaaa

      find her

  • dzine

    i cant fab at work you know…. ur killing me!

  • apple

    #48 mother & daughter………………….. i hope

    • de ja vu

      Twins, I hope!

  • Jacob

    I'm a pretty big fan of those eyes, Willow

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      You and me both

    • Firefighter23

      I'm a fan of alot of things girls have, but mostly good personalities πŸ˜‰

    • Jacob's mom

      I hope one day Willow realizes how wonderful you really are Jacob and calls you on the phone, flies you out to wherever the hell she lives – and has 7 babies for you. ALL named Jacob.

  • DAZ is a FAG!

    two of the best things in my life

    • Sean

      Fapping and Maker's you mean?

      • DAZ is a FAG!


    • OhSomeEvil

      Erin is a genuine babe, Ride my pony is her favorite song to strip to!

  • jetrome

    #29 Your boyfriend (and your hump) deserves a medal

    • tcbb789789

      God bless you for let him do this and god bless him for wanting to share.

    • moar

      your boyfriend is a true gentleman.
      and btw … MOAR!

      • PTG

        A true gentleman and a connoisseur of GREAT ASSES!

    • SWG Fan

      All praise your boyfriend. Here's to hoping he forces you again…if you're in to that sort of thing.

    • Vagina jones

      He's good man. Stay with him, always. Oh and send in more pictures.

    • Sharky

      …and your gap

    • patov40

      I would like to buy your boyfriend a beer. As for you? Anything you like!;)
      Hope there's MOAR to come!

    • yourboyfriend

      F*ck your boyfriend….no seriously…as a reward from all of us, you should f*ck your boyfriend.

    • topher

      this is truly no joke the greatest ass i have ever seen, amazing hips, gap, perfectly symmetrical, hot underwear. Praise hump day

    • Seriously?

      Yes indeed he does deserve a medal and so do you!. He is a man among men. We salute him…and your magnificent hump day tribute πŸ˜‰

    • Lumpur

      MOAR!!! and Find her as well so she can have her own post. Your bf is the man, just saying

  • Brad

    #6 – Vision of female body perfection.

    • Dang!

      any idea who that is?

    • dtzeiro

      FIND HER!

      • dbones

        seconded. MOAR!

    • Beard Manly

      Her. Find. Now.

    • Roshambo

      yep. i think i hurt something when i saw that pic. def gotta find

      • Jen

        i dont think that is lauren…i think lauren is taller and slimmer.

  • haterade

    another day, another dar, nothing new inside. don’t people send you pictures? what happens to those?

  • Brother Maynard

    #36 #37 #38
    THANKS CHIVE!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.spain Lalo Teijeiro

    #36 finally!

    • Lauren Gentile

      I feel all weird being the only Chivette up there clothed…but I guess there's always tomorrow. πŸ˜‰
      I haven't seen any of the shots myself so I'm kinda' scared, not gonna' lie!

      • kornerr

        No need to be scared, the opinion of others shouldnt matter even if my guess is they'll be pretty positive.

      • dbones

        So #6 is not you? Wonder who it is …

      • JAS

        It's a great picture though. That dress is perfect for you. Out of the three, I actually liked yours the best because it was unique.

  • Buster

    #36 Lauren, tell me you girls all did at least one shot together???

    • Lauren Gentile

      …I plead the fifth? πŸ˜‰

      • kornerr

        dunno ?

      • JHL1

        fifth of rum? fifth of jack? fifth of vodka?

      • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

        Haha, don't they say good things come in 3s?

      • ranD

        thats as good as a "yes" to this juror… πŸ˜‰

  • Average Chiver

    Show… me… THE… FAAT!!!!! I need some REAL women.

    • Karen

      say what?! chive likes real women?! since when! πŸ˜›

      Maybe I should send in a pic πŸ™‚

      • guest

        Please do:)

      • dub

        I don't understand why being skinny or fit would make anyone less of a woman. You hold onto that pride, though, Karen.

        It's ok to be different. Love yourself, don't try to bring others down. Tolerance.

    • guest

      Dude… seriously… WTF?

      • Average Chiver

        Just expressing the average opinion of Chivers. Chivers love fatties! Down with fit, "in-shape" women, they are not REAL, we want real, real FAT.

        • guest

          They are real to most of us. Where do you live? Behind a Burger King?

          • Average Chiver

            I am a citizen of the world, but I do spend a lot of time at your mom's house lately.

            • dub

              Perhaps you should consider adding "Below" to the beginning of your name.

    • guest

      #25 there you go. Enjoy you sick f*&^

      • Angry Kid

        If you can't tell that that's not a woman, I'm afraid I have some bad news…

      • kornerr

        didn't you get the end ? A lot of people were SAVED !

        • dub

          The Rapture was prevented.

    • The Spicy Italian

      This guy is throwing really blatant sarcasm out there for anyone who hasn't figured that out yet… facepalm

      • Average Chiver

        I really only expect a small handful of Chivers to get it, but at least it amuses me.

    • Lotus

      I normally don't feed trolls but it sounds like someone is intimidated by real women πŸ™‚

  • Average Chiver

    Get her a motherfucking sandwich!!!!

    #6 #37 #38 #16

    • guest

      Hey average, it seems your tastes in women are way below average. What do you want Sir Mixalot style fat asses? You might have to look elsewhere for that…..

      • Average Chiver

        Actually, if you've been around the Chive for a while, you'd know that these views are exactly that, average. Most people on the Chive would rather see fat chicks that those which the rest of the world considers "fit" and "attractive." But, who am I to speak? I speak for the Chivery and I LOVE REAL, FAT WOMEN.

        • guest

          Recognize that "real" does not equal FAT/UNFIT/OBESE. Granted, you don't need to be anorexic, but fat is not where it's at. Most of the people here say "real" in terms of real breasts, not implants.

          • Average Chiver

            Clearly, you haven't been here very long. Go back to two weeks ago when the entire DAR was fapping over a couple of fatties. Thus, it is my duty to make sure that all FAKE women continue to get sandwiches and only the fattest are allowed to grace The Chive.

            • guest

              Clearly you are pulling shtick. That edition did have too much size, in my opinion. We want real (no implant, no porn star, no super model) but healthy/fit women. Not your fatties.

              All REAL

              • Seriously?

                Yeah they're real and smokin hot! Fit and tight not fat. Must be shtick because I surely don't remember any fatties getting time…

    • cwhoa

      I'm pissed I can't punch you in the face

    • DJwillflo

      I would love a sandwich, now that you mention it.

      • Average Chiver

        Get her a motherfucking sandwich!!!!

        • dub

          Pretty bold of you to claim to be the voice of the Chive when everyone here disagrees with you.

          Wait a sec… is this Congress?

          • Average Chiver

            Chivers are notoriously hypocritical, and often backtrack when they realize they are wrong, so it makes perfectly clear sense that they are "disagreeing" with me. But just wait until a picture of a fatty pops up on the DAR again and fap will be had by most. Just god forbit the Chive posts pictures of any normal sized fit women and lo and behold, the Chivery screams anorexia.

        • lik

          …b*tches love sandwiches

          • Jen

            i believe the average chiver is just fucking with yall…

            • https://www.facebook.com/people/Michel-Payette/776740181 Michel Payette

              Nevertheless…he's an idiot.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #31 Cheesy Mac

    • DistractedIndividual


    • Seannerz

      He's smiling. This must have been taken when he had it all.

    • Jordan

      Mac's fly as hell

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    #29 if he made you do this, you should make him a sandwich. It's only fair!

    • Jen

      i would say he owes HER a sammich for doing this…

  • thegza

    #6 Dammmnnn

    • Seriously?

      Damn right damn! That has to be followed up by a MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just F**king awesome!!!!!!!! Find this gorgeous creature!!!!

    • ilovethechive

      Absolute Perection

  • orangewhip

    #29 your boyfriend is a genius.

    • ilovethechive

      And a Very Luck Man

  • BMW

    MY FAVS #2 #4 #6 #48

    • Hank

      I hike with a short barreled 12 Gauge. So…. :

      Suddenly: Matching Rugs.

      • dub

        You had me all confused.


  • walkingtheriver

    #11 Happened to me today 😦

    • DistractedIndividual

      Me too…took me until it froze and wouldn't play any videos from the Chive to realize my mistake. Firefox Ahoy!

    • TIZ

      chrome or firefox? I'm curious what the chivers use.

      • doq

        Chrome is where it's at.

      • dub

        They're both pretty awesome. They both have a "Private" type of feature so they don't record your history. Firefox has the GREAT Ad-Block Plus component which eliminates pretty much every ad you hate, including the ones at the beginning of videos.

        Also, the people at Mozilla (the makers of Firefox) are good people with a good goal. I say Firefox.

      • cliqueded

        Gotta go with Chrome. Nothing against firefox, just been with chrome a while.

      • sixdeadelves

        at home i use chrome and my wife uses firefox so we can stayed logged into our respective accounts without having to log the other out

        • tankus

          SWEET IDEA!

      • Airwalktdk


  • http://twitter.com/pezatsea @pezatsea

    Hump Day DAR makes up for late DAR. Oh yeah and… #29

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