Hump Day: What I want waiting for me at the Pearly Gates (50 Photos)

  • CarTuned

    #4 Had to take a break

    • tits_mcgee_

      working out… she's doing it right

    • Lauren Gentile

      I got stuck on that one too… such a hottie.

    • Random

      Janessa Brazil – don't google @ work

      • anonymous

        unless you work from home…fap fap fap

      • bettingonthecubs

        Challenge accepted

    • Josh Craig

      I was stuck on her for a good ten minutes.

    • Eliot

      I never see anything thing like this at the gym!


    my favorite day =)

  • Rick

    should be called RUMP day all winners

  • misschris

    Although #9 #14 #22 and #35 all come in a close second!

  • Agreeable

    #45 Yes….Yes I Do

    • Jakub Wrobel


    • TheLostOne

      I agree with you, until I saw that shiny black thing in the lower right hand corner, which now makes me see the pic as her missing a leg and that she's a mannequin. :''( pic ruined for me now. Oh well, at least i have another 56 pics of hump day to enjoy! CHIVE ON!

  • rainier

    #41 perfect!

  • Dirty Dingus

    Awesome as usual.

    But I think you have enough quality content that you can skip the overly blurry shots from now on. Real is good…but crappy photos of hot Chivettes are still crappy photos.

  • bettingonthecubs

    #51 FDAU

    • jken

      Always love your entries Dylan

    • @MrChAndy

      I hope we're seeing more of this beauty soon in her own gallery,
      she is amazing

  • tits_mcgee_

    #52 sophisticated hump 🙂

    • bonezoz

      yeah, but the dress makes it look all droopy….

    • Nova79

      A hump is hump is a hump !

  • Marcos

    Please more of #1 and #21 style of humps and PLEASE much less of skinny toothpicks. This is hump (or apple bottom) day not olive-on-two-sticks day.

    • 123

      I think they should have more skinny toothpicks because that's what appeals to me and I don't give a shit about what anyone else likes either…

  • jjj schmidt

    Do I have to pick my favorites? Chive is the best way to start the day…

  • Finster172

    #35 I wanna be on that…

    • ROK247

      ride it like a petting zoo pony?

      • Apollo

        I want to ride it like a man having sex with a lady.

  • bemo

    #1 #4 #5 #26 #39 #56

  • workitgirl

    Babies got back.
    I want these panties #3.

    • Michel Payette

      I'd like to see "workitgirl's" hump! 😀

      • echogeo

        I Second that motion.

    • WorldwizE

      me too….in my mouth!!!

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      Ill Buy'em for you if you model them on the chive for us!

    • Ski81

      I hope you find some.

    • KalEl24

      last week's supergirl.

    • Josh

      I want you to have those panties.

  • Lucas

    #46 HOLY FUCKING SHIT! i can look at that allllllll day

    • HankT

      It's mesmerizing…

    • THOR

      Greatest GIF ever

    • F. Gump

      Just to summarize: I can look at that allllllll day, it's mesmerizing. Greatest GIF ever. Yup.

    • Christopher Huddleston


  • ROK247

    good lord i love hump day.

  • V.A.

    #56: Hiney + triangle gap = Win.

    • sully23

      Dare I say this is our lovely Lauren Gentile's hump?

      • semper fi

        No, It's my wife's ass

    • Al_Buck

      agreed, not to mention that knees are crossed, which means it's a true gap…well done.

  • EdWood

    Made me stare a while.

  • 5Banners

    #31…..Was that really Lauren Holly's ass or a stand-in?

  • Chiefer

    You had to lead with #1 didn't you. It took me 20 minutes to get to 2.

    • Chiefer

      If I'm not mistaken, I believe that her name is Airena Wallapack.

  • chrisdg74

    Staring at #13 too long can lead to #23. (or #57)

  • Jabroni

    Chivette humps are the best humps

  • Michel Payette



  • Unknown

    RE: #50 and #51 The girl's got legs for days. Oh and a nice ass!

    • jken

      Hooray Dylan!

  • That Guy

    #39 so much WOW! best day of the week hands down. Thanks Chive!!!!

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