It’s getting late in Japan… but it’s still Hump Day there (32 Photos)

Don’t worry, ‘Merican hump day is still to come…

  • Keith_D

    My eyes have seen such beautiful things…

    And it was the best Hump Day ever

  • Durrr

    Funny how typical white think all the Asians are Japanese. how would u feel to be called Russian Ir German when u r American huh?

  • IShldBWorking

    CHIVE…ummmm just a thought… we got the asian thing going. Can we get it Muy Caliente with a Latin women only thread? We can call it… "I wish you were Salma Hayek, but you'll do"

  • bob

    hells bells im off to japan what a bunch of beautiful ladies

  • Pietro


  • Vol Jack

    I wish #1 and #21 would love me longtime

  • freezer boy

    #6,#8,#16,#21 HOT!!!!!

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