It’s getting late in Japan… but it’s still Hump Day there (32 Photos)

Don’t worry, ‘Merican hump day is still to come…

  • Wraith Ten

    ill take them all and a side of fried rice how many spring rolls do i get and there better not be any damn msg

    • doh

      only problem with fucking an asian chick is that you're horny an hour later

      • onehung lo

        i'm still laughing!!

  • Alec

    I sure do love hump day! #23

    • Paula_

      State obvious, currently at 4 thumbs up, will end up over 200.

      – fearing the thumbs

    • echogeo

      Stephanie Ly.

  • newt

    great new start to hump day!!

  • mrnice

    #5 god bless japan!

    • Texas is Mexico

      there are so many hot japanese women out there yet this post gets half filled with meh babes.

      not even 1 shot of Reon Kadena is a sin

      • Texas is Mexico

        Shit…I just saw Reon up there….still not good enough

    • ekur

      this girl is actually america. her name is Gina Tran

      • fma

        Gina Darling


    I'm 93% sure there were no lady boys in this post, thanks Chive!

    • Paula_

      This is The Chive. I'm 93% sure there IS a ladyboy in this post.

      – in fact I'm 100% sure as I insisted they put one in, hihihi. Found it yet?

      • BentWrenches

        #14 ?

        • de ja vu

          I am sure #10 is a dude.

        • hMMMM

          Fuckin' A. That thing DOES look like a boy.

          • TCUchiver

            I am afraid to even look at this post. I scrolled straight down here to see if it was safe to look at…..still afraid to look. I am going to just skip this one today

  • man293

    #9 #14 #22 Y U NO HAVE HUMP?!?!

    • douche

      cuz they are lady-boys

  • Hector

    #6 Asian Hump Day seriously what else can you ask for?

    • Paula_

      Asian FLBP burn your bra freckled redhead with a gap hump day?

      – Chive, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      • EdWood

        That's funny.
        Are your trolling days over?

        • Paula_

          Nope, but I'm a special kind of troll.

          – and unique, just like everyone else

    • zach

      ebony hump day

  • SuperiorTo8

    #18 #25 OK guys, I'm planning a trip to Japan for tomorrow. Bye

    • Jay

      take me with you!

    • Texas is Mexico

      what they're not telling you is that the radiation fallout has fused these chicks together.

      shit…Im going too

  • theo

    i got asian fever and theres only one cure, MOAR!

  • CocknBalls

    Smallest hump day?

  • @I_amHope

    #9 is humpless

    • DaddyD

      Who cares? She is gorgeous and hot.

      • coracco

        sure, if you like ten year old asian boys with long hair.

  • Asian Connoisseur

    #14 is not Japanese. In fact, a handful of these fantastic tush owners may not be. Know thy Asian, Chive, As Confucius say, "Not all dumpling the same, but all dumpling delicious."

    • kater

      that's correct. and also, a third of them may be ladyboys.

      fap to laydboys, enjoy!

      • rRamo

        I seriously hope none of you are sexually deprived enough to be fapping to these kind of pictures.

    • DudeBro

      Yeah, I'll try to pretend to care. They are all hot as hell.

  • Gixxer

    #27 holy shit… Looks like a picture out of one of my dreams…

    • ReyTiburones

      Looks like a character from Mortal Kombat

      • HillBilly Bone

        Princess Kitana is what I was thinking.

  • zanno

    that's all

    • Dank


      • echogeo

        #13, #15 & #16 as well.

  • Randy

    MMMM… #21. Love me some Grace Park. She's a hasian…a hot asian.

    • Chiveinator

      I thoughy she was a Cylon

      • jdb

        You beat me to it my friend. Good job.

      • Steve

        I'd buy out that Cylon model. Imagine the possibilities if you had hundreds of Grace Parks.

  • Sanman

    #1 #17 Gorgeous!

    • ReyTiburones

      17 sort of looks like Tia Carrere from True Lies

      • Henry Brown

        17 is Jennifer Nguyen

  • Mike

    Asian hump day!?!? tears of joy

  • Paula_

    Oh Herro, wercome to hump day!
    Now prease come sit on my rap #6, #16 ol #26 ❤

    – The one you rove to hate

    • たけし


      • Mr Lee


        herro my amelican fliends, prease buy morr nike for I can pay lent this month. 50 cent a month no pay arr of birls.

        Love, Bich Ho Wang

    • ilovethechive

      #16 Reverse Gap?

  • Top Fox

    Idea alert —————- In keeping with the hump day tradition, how about the chive does an around the world hump day for one month. Today being the lovely ladies (or ladyboys) from Asia, next week, South America.

    By the way, This made my week much more enjoyable.

    • hello_is_u_friend

      I second. How can we have a weekly hump column and no African hump? Black hump defeats Asian hump. By a lot.

    • Pwndu232

      You, Sir, deserve an award for that idea.

    • switch_24

      i vote for this! but much better if they can do all of this WEEKLY.. or is it asking too much?

    • Michel Payette

      I second that motion…hear hear!!

      • echogeo

        While Native American Hump is intriguing to ponder, not sure I want to see Eskimo hump.

    • Miked22

      Great scott, Top Fox..You are a Genius

  • hello!

    #1 #6 #29 Oh Chive you super American site #ONE!

    • echogeo

      1 is Jestina Tran.

    • ekur

      #6 is gina tran

  • boss

    asain girls always have perfect hair

    • Ateka

      That is quite true.

  • Joseph McFarlane Young

    I see no hump.

    • Terry Burke

      i feel latin girls would have been a better choice

  • bkfrijoles

    Drunk Hump Day is the best thing ever

  • Roberto Barreiro

    #21 #31 she is still number Eight for me 😀 Go Goomer!
    Asian Hump Day… My brain just melted!!!

  • Esme

    How do you know 29 is Japanese or even Asian?

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