Hot Right Now: 15 blood-boiling facts about the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl (15 Photos)

It’s getting late in Japan… but it’s still Hump Day there (32 Photos)

Don’t worry, ‘Merican hump day is still to come…

  • Keith_D

    My eyes have seen such beautiful things…

    And it was the best Hump Day ever

  • Durrr

    Funny how typical white think all the Asians are Japanese. how would u feel to be called Russian Ir German when u r American huh?

  • IShldBWorking

    CHIVE…ummmm just a thought… we got the asian thing going. Can we get it Muy Caliente with a Latin women only thread? We can call it… "I wish you were Salma Hayek, but you'll do"

  • bob

    hells bells im off to japan what a bunch of beautiful ladies

  • Pietro


  • Vol Jack

    I wish #1 and #21 would love me longtime

  • freezer boy

    #6,#8,#16,#21 HOT!!!!!

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