It’s getting late in Japan… but it’s still Hump Day there (32 Photos)

Don’t worry, ‘Merican hump day is still to come…

  • onecalledsam

    Whats a "twatski?"

    • @Gingergreek

      a russian twat ::D

  • Anonymous

    #17 WOW! #30 is dreaming of a good spanking.

  • Bob

    #5, #27 Asian booty is awesome….

  • Nico

    #30 FDAU!!!!!!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #14 great looking one there…..

  • desmond

    Don’t ever post a japaneese or any type of asian hump day again. This ruined my wednesday

  • Arga Gabriel

    i bet something fun would happen when she draw her sais heheh

  • John

    Find her find her find her find her find her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    #30 ASSUME THE POSSITION BITCH!!!!! americam meat here..

  • B-Jammin

    come on chive…don't get me wrong asian women r beautiful. But when it come to hump day…..they dont have much hump!!! Get back to the nice thick busty women with nice curves! Last week was awesome!!!

  • Eriatarka__

    Now all we need is an asians-wearing-yoga-pants-hump-day. 😀

    • Chiveinator

      F**k Yeah !

  • eat balls, internet!

    #1, #6, #27. please find. please, please find.

  • Texas is Mexico

    worst rant ever…once you get into 5th grade you'll hear some funny shit you can repeat.

  • Jay Hernandez

    #30 ASS up Face down that's the way we like to F**ck…. Face down ass up that's the way we love to fakkk.

  • Mr Positive

    yeah, well I hope you die

  • James


  • 'berto

    An Asian Hump-Day post. If I were slightly more pathetic, I’d think I was dead & in Heaven. Only slightly, mind you, but the laundry still awaits.

  • Truth.Inc

    Can we get pictures of an attractive ethic group next time, please? There's too much make-up and hidden penis in this gallery.

  • So many photos of just one girl?!

    Turbyton, CA

  • Thomas Lauko

    I have a craving' for chinese tonight !!!

  • Nickincollege

    This has the potential to be something great. I think there should be a pre 'Merican hump day post every Wednesday but from a different country every time.

  • blurr95

    two hump posts?!?!?! oh YAH!!!

  • Chiveinator

    Hater's gonna Hate

  • gman

    Asian hump day, has left me in love …………please have MOAR?

  • Astronautspiff

    Asian hump day? More like asian bone day! Absolutely noooo pun intended!

    Am i right boys, am i right? Guys?

    Am i right?…….


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