Protesting: You’re doing it wrong (22 Photos)

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  • Tony

    #18 because stop signs and roads = $14.5 Trillion

    • j22

      Lol YES! Well in San Antonio they are spending the tax dollars right at least. All of our sidewalks are getting pretty red grip on the 'ramp' from the street to the sidewalk. Oh, and this consists of demolishing and rebuilding all of the 10s of thousands of sidewalk ramps and adjacent area of sidewalk in the city…. if that makes sense.tried my best

  • Bruce

    #5 Make English your offical language.

  • Seannerz

    I poured some Evian into a Brita and the shit disappeared.

  • CunningLinguist

    #4 fact check……’re sir, are an idiot.

  • Curt

    i lol'd #21

  • HillBilly Bone

    #21…I guess this guy really dislikes the wholesome goodness we pour from a jug/carton every morning. Google translate fail??

  • AlteredSt

    #18 "cut taxes not defense" …what do you think pays for defense?

  • Adi

    #8 #13 #19 #21 its funny hw ignorant and stupid they r lol …..Its sad that these idiotic protests r allowed in UK..i'm sure they r kept under surveillance ..any chance given they will get knocked out of tr socks…peace🙂

  • Trez

    #2 – Like a Boss

  • DeezNuts

    #9 is protesting done right! It's actually a reference to a British sitcom, Father Ted; easily one of the funniest ever made.

  • Bryce Willits

    #2 It's Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Jack Mehoff

    Nobody ever said tea baggers are the smartest people in the world, mabe thats their problem….they're dumb as fuck. #22

  • Diana Santos

    #13 without freedom of expression you could't do that protest…

  • Justin D.

    It must be hard for those Muslims out there who are still trying to convince people that Islam is a religion of peace when pics like #8, #13, and #19. It also doesn't help that those pics don't make them look like the sharpest tools in the shed, though they do make them look like tools.

  • Growl

    Can't tell if trolling, or just really stupid…

  • cmonstur

    Sad day. If the girl spent half the time taking care of herself (i.e. exercise, showering, haircut, makeup) that she spends hating on hot chicks, she could potentially BE a hot chick instead of just eating schadenfreude for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • John

    What's wrong with #3? Banning both birth control and abortion means that women can't have sex without having children. And that's fucking bullshit.

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  • bling306

    Illiteracy in this country is borderline ridiculous! People rely on spellcheck way too much

  • Ispeakchive

    Signs of the time……….to laugh at jerkabouts!

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  • jim yan

    4 more revolutionary sexy chives are in following link

  • john

    There is nothing wrong with 7, british spelling for a british protest

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  • Tex

    #16 can my 8 piece meal have 4 breasts and 4 thighs?
    #21 Damn it! These people ruin everything … guess I'll just have to get used to coffee in the morning … but how will I explain to my daughter that there's no more apple juice in her sippy cup – she's going to be so upset.

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