The world is turning crochet before our eyes (17 Photos)

This amazing art was done by Polish-born artist Olek. For more of his work go HERE.

  • Wraith Ten

    some people have way too much time on there hands

    • Johnny Sixarms

      On there hands or their hands.

      • absolutcarcrazy

        they're….. (rimshot)

  • Jon

    This is straight up ridiculous. But…somehow awesome.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #13 Ninjas. Your almost doing it right.

    • iambigd42

      By far the best one out of the lot.

      • mike

        based on an annie leibovitz photograph of keith haring


    I'm not a big fan of this, but I bet his grandma's proud.

    • Steeb

      grandma's probably not proud of #12 with "ur pussy on my face and my tongue in ur ass"

      • Granny Danger

        He crocheted "tounge"… what an idiot, re-do that room now!

  • MigraineBoy

    This has fetish written all over it.

    • KyleRetrato

      Most likely Japanese.

      • ranD

        did you read the part that said he was polish?

  • Emma Oliver

    #12 you spelled tongue wrong……

    also, yarn bombing is like everything else; loads of fun until *someone* takes it too damn far 😦

  • The Biscuit


  • Lia

    Well…it’s certainly different, I’ll give him that….

  • U my shit- Paula

    HEY PAULA!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! FIRST TO TROLL!!!! YOURe PAULA FIVE NUKKA< AINT EVEN THE REAL PAULA I FIST YOUR YOUR ASS FATMAN, YOU WITH the LITTLE DICK. sweet. You dont even have the O.G. paula sign off, you killed it with the "slogans" so wack. Trolls are one thing but fucking fail trolls- that shits just fucking sad, eat a dick, fuck yer mom and I hope you life gets emptier and emptier then it already is. Eat shit fail troll.


    • mitter78

      Sounds like someone needs to get laid.

    • clickhere

      scumbag steve?

  • Paula_

    "Amazing art"? Hand over your man card Bob, and move over to The Berry. RIGHT MEOW!

    – the one you love to hate

  • Daniel

    #12 in the upper right corner says " Your pussy in my face, and my tongue in your ass'
    And they show that to children? ahaha AWSOME!

  • iAM

    Man, Olek is my new hero! This is the best usage of knitting i have ever seen, and i love his colourful touch to…i guess just about anything he touches. where do i order a suit?

  • doogie

    i just want one of those suits just to annoy/freak people out.

  • Sizzle

    Imagine what this guy could accomplish if he put his mind to something that isn't stupid.

    • Ilya Josefson


  • Kaars

    I love this. It's so much cooler than spray-paint.

  • Griffin Heath

    #17 Is the only one worth posting… the rest..blah

    • DistractedIndividual

      I love this one:)

  • hMMMM

    #10 – Colgate FTW!!! RED RAIDERSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  • cmonstur

    #11 is pretty cool. The rest are meh.

  • MrRushing

    gotta agree, #11 is pretty cool
    so is #6

  • konaehukai


  • Sexy Paula

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  • arTay

    So this is what happens when Grandma picks up a coke habit?

  • busted

    #16…Crochet Rocket?

  • jim yan

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