• screwutoo

    very tacky.

  • jim yan

    chive is awesome 4 more hot sexy chives go to

  • http://zuf.ro/2011/05/30/cel-mai-luxos-hotel-din-lume-43-pics/ Cel mai luxos hotel din lume (43 Pics) | ZUF.ro

    […] via theCHIVE.com […]

  • #25 seemed out of place; reminded me of Vegas.

    Las Vegas, NV

  • wickedz71

    I have been to Dubai numerous times and tried going inside to see this hotel. I am not sure if they still do or not but the last time I was there, they charged you just for walking inside to look around and tour the hotel.

  • Facundo

    They turned out nice bro. Those old doors beihnd them in the last shot I refinished for the historical society about 10 or so years ago, they are over a hundred years old. Kinda cool.

  • Tranny

    Looks like a swingers palace, I'd rather decorate my room with Ikea than this.

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