They don’t call it the world’s most luxurious hotel for nothin’ (45 Photos)

Considered to be the greatest hotel on the planet, The Burj Al Arab (otherwise known as the Sail Hotel) in Dubai is a wonder to behold.

  • Moatasim Naveed

    I,ve been there………………………..twice!
    But never really stayed. Its too damn expensive….
    I can think of much better things to do with my money..

    Its a wonderful place though!

  • preincarnate

    I'm sure it's a great experience, but that place is hideous. It screams "more dollars than sense." It looks like it was furnished by a blind person.

  • @Gingergreek

    A luxury Hotel put in a country with backwards ass values!!

    • New

      Nice stereotyping asshole

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #27 Hey now that would be a great night….

  • Homer

    Glad to see the billion$ in oil revenue is being wisely spent.

  • Ben H. Yoon


  • Htisss


  • Drew

    No pics of Zahia Dehar outside the Hotel??? Disappointed

  • dush

    too bad it's empty

  • Mohammed

    #25 isnt burj al arab its marcato mall also in dubai

  • TitoRigatoni

    It may be luxurious, but there is some hideous decorating going on here #4 #6 #29

  • John

    Fucking sand niggers

  • Ryan Kelly

    Im calling bullshit on #8 ..

  • double d

    8 is photoshop (its a helipad, that actually gets used) 25 is the Mercato Mall (go grocery shopping) The Burj Al Arab is very tacky but impressive, reserve your tea service, it is awesoem for 100$ ouch! in the atrium or up in that uber-tacky skybar. The bar makes the hotel look like a cross from the Arabian sea (an image on the old dubai license plates now banned, as simple geometry looked dangerously like a christian conspiacy).



  • Capitalsfan74

    Opulence… I haz it.

  • ...


  • Cyberfunker

    Beautiful Place, but not a single chivette in sight…

  • tankus

    Dude, just look at all the color patterns, I want to peel out my eyes at the moment!

  • Ski81

    #36 is an awesome photo

  • abukhari

    There is a Hadith (Prophet PBU saying i.e. 1400 years ago ) that the shepherds would build tall buildingsherds ) when doomsday would be nearing to end the world…..This is how Dubai Rulers ( Once shepherds ) are constructing tall bhildings…The doomsday is not far away.

  • HardCoreMike

    It's so over the top I actually have no desire to go there…

  • bkfrijoles

    i wanna go there

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  • screwutoo

    very tacky.

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