Chivettes of the Week: Lauren Gentile, Willow Hubbard, and Erin Willett (20 Photos)

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  • Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

    Smlie at #19 brighten my whole day

  • Maximilian Alexander Conrad

    From what I see your photographer is making you a rather sad calendar. 1st he is using a wide angle lens and distorting the girls figures in some shots 2nd Saying those are not shopped is a lie, we all know eye whites are not that white 3rd He doesn't know the first rules on where a models eyes and lips should be or his pathetic framing. Spring a few more bucks for someone who knows what they are doing. Better luck next time

  • NOPE

    shutup slut.

  • sneh

    Can't believe the tools criticizing any of these girls! They are all jaw dropping. Each has some classic looks, and some unique (the good unique, not the "she has a great personality" unique.) A standing O for all of you.

  • tom_sd

    #18. If this one had a like button, I'd click the fuck out of it.

    • Homer

      How about an "Easy" button?

  • venromero

    "i saw Lauren's worst pic, IT WAS STILL AWESOME! peace luv n cake mix!

  • Christopher Huddleston


    The most awesome photo ever

  • MRD

    Erin Willett please marry me! Or at least go out with me to piss off me ex wife.

  • Catss

    The dog is the best looking thing on here.

  • db420

    #20- IN-N-OUT BURGER…. YUM. Am I that fat- because that double double looks fucking sexy?

  • weronika

    my sweet photo :* –

  • jim yan

    more revolutionary sexy chive photos are in following link

  • SantiGE

    Working at the Chive must be terribly though…

  • Henry

    #17 Gorgeous girl in lingerie drinking Maker's Mark= marriage material.

    They're all beautiful ladies. Spectacular shoot.

  • CDN

    Lauren and Erin are hot but Willow is meh. I always thought she was.

  • Jaf

    All these ladies are lovely. I got an idea for who The Chive should fly up next. Does anyone remember "Where the Wild Things are" girl?

  • hipsterbgone


    I would give half my salary every year for that every morning….

  • Pascal

    Is it me or does #17 look like justin bieber?

  • LuckyBird

    #7 An adorable puppy and a gorgeous girl…Irresistible!

  • Dorian

    freaking awesome story.. and very beautiful girls

  • its_forge

    Your bottom is far, far nicer than Eliza's. Everything else is as nice too and I'm not just saying that because you're y'know, here. = )

  • its_forge

    #9 Willow you are so very lovely from any and every angle but that squooshy little tummy of yours, OMG, don't ever let that go away. Sexiest thing about a woman bar NOTHING.

  • DuncanIdaho33

    #17 – her picture literally took my breath away. Not to be too corny, but the power of those eyes, wow. Good luck Erin and thank you for being a Chivette!

  • fuckwithme26

    Dracut m

    • Anonymous

      Numbers 10 11 and 12 looks like a girl I know very sexy

  • Anonymous

    I would take all three girls and fuck everyone of them individualy and then have them suck my cock! And cum on all three

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