Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • JohnsScarf

    I wish I had #35 in my fridge. Sucks I only have old horse radish sauce

    • jetrome

      Where can i get one??? Can I get her bulk at Costco?

  • firsttimeposter

    WTF is up with #44 ??? Where is that?

  • Matt

    #45 is one of the best asses i've ever seen.

    • ilovethechive


    • flavireland


  • theKev

    Twas a good day on the Chive!

  • Dylan

    #29 uh no.

  • Mike

    God save the Queen! #45

  • #387

    #30 Well fuck you kitty, I didn't want to go to your stupid tea part anyway……….(goes in the corner and cries.)

  • walkingtheriver

    #3 Because Rebecka Black….

  • Will

    who is #39 ? is it Bar Rafaeli?

    • walkingtheriver

      Yeah it is 😉

  • El numero uno

    #12 awwwwwwwwwwww.. i'm melting, MELTING!!

  • John

    #41 Sad bunch of wankers.

  • DAZ is a FAG!



  • Tim Horton

    i love double doubles

  • monkeynuts

    #23 Well played whoever dangled the string

    • h dawg

      who is this babe?

  • El numero uno

    #22 MAS!!

    • #387

      Face down achievement unlocked, however, your ass needs just a little more elevation to be considered a true FDAU! PLEASE TRY AGAIN TOMORROW, practice makes perfect.

  • DAZ is a FAG!


    Challenge accepted

  • http://twitter.com/MrChAndy @MrChAndy

    #27 – Maybe I just wanna fuck now"?
    #39 – Are there condoms? Safety first, I don't want no child after the one year.

  • That Guy

    #21 deers are such assholes. is says ring the bell!

  • Dani

    Am I the only one hearing weird farm/animal noises?.. It's only on the Chive, and only in this particular post..

  • Mike

    God save the Queen! #45

  • Sean

    #39 Without a doubt I would.

  • ojdajuiceman

    fuck dat ass up

  • Brad

    #22 – not quite FDAU but it will do.

  • asb

    #39 you are joking right? thats an obvious yes! in fact make it eternity. and no i wont get sick of her. with no government and rules i can make her my slave and nobody will tell me its wrong.

  • Nathan

    #39 what kind of dumb ass question is that?

    • Jim

      Well said

    • #387

      I'm confused is that a yes or a no?

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