Hipsters: The Fall of Man (44 Photos)

if you need more proof, look at this fucking hipster.

  • Bree1912

    What a bunch of LOSERS!!!

    • Jeff

      I cannot up vote enough!

    • OwnerOfYou

      Dude, you have no idea… as a native to Brooklyn, I seriously want to bomb Williamsburg aka Hipsterville off the face of this earth. These f*ckers are so annoying and ironically pretentious. I just don't get it and never will.

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      Seriously, who the fudge are these people?!!

    • Jordan

      All of you who are comming on this post and ripping apart hipsters for trying to dress the way that makes them happy are pretty pathetic. I dont see what is so wrong about trying to enjoy your time on this earth the best way you know how, and if dressing in brightly colored clothing and thick rimmed glasses does it for them, i say more power to you. Everyone dresses according to what makes them feel better about themselves. Just because it isnt what you would wear doesnt make them any less of a person than you. Stop trying to ruin someone else's self esteem because they dress differently.

      • swmckibb@gmail.com

        Fuck you Hipster!

      • Unity through Reason

        I'm not a hipster, but yeah. It's pretty uncool to rip on people because of their culture. Even if their culture is so pretentiously trendy that they dress to shock and grab attention. I'm a modern day hippie, and these people discuss me, but still. Peace, logic, and love to all. Even shitty ass hipsters who wouldn't know what cool was unless it was part of some lame underground college movement.

        • Dr. Chive

          u don't get that the most pathetic thing is that hipsters and "modern day hippie" (God you're a tool) have to label themselves. The least cool thing u can do is label yourself, because then you're just trying to fit in, just like all the other pathetic losers out there. Just be yourself, don't worry about some pathetic identity- peace

  • Robi5150

    Redneck hipster?

    • Dazilla

      Isn't Budweiser to mainstream for them to drink?

      • herb

        Not if they're drinking it ironically.

      • Brad

        he's drinking Bud sarcastically…

    • Jesse

      Pretty sure this dude is in Little Rock Arkansas.

      • Your Mom's Dog

        There are tons of them here (Little Rock) but they all look the fucking same so it's damn near impossible to be sure.

    • Niggher Beater

      yeah, they're called "bipsters".

    • http://www.facebook.com/autohagiographer Adriana Byproxymoron Garcia

      I have several friends who would probably wear the same ironic outfit.

    • Locien My

      LOOOSER COMBOOOOOOOOOOO .. hipster-redneck-chicano (the guadalupe in the arm) …

  • SeaBassEX

    I don't understand, and will make no attempt to do so.

    • Grifo

      Attempting to do so… JUST GETTING ANGRY

    • gay

      This whole post hurt my brain

  • http://www.facebook.com/cjmicklitsch Cj Micklitsch

    ill point out that you never see a fat hipster and rarely see a fat emo…….. even our self esteem isnt that low….

    • miles

      come on down to austin if you believe that.. there might not be as many.. but man, they exist. I want to launch them all over to dallas or something.

      • Grifo

        It's a Deal, you send your hipsters up to Dallas, and we'll send down our $30k millionaires.

    • tazz

      i wish you could point out that we would never see a hipster period…dont care if they are fat..skinny..short or tall

    • ry ry

      I've seen hundreds of fat emos.

      • miles

        Yes, they are not an endangered species.

    • Mclovin

      Gothopotamus! goth, but close enough

    • hipster basher

      They're not fat because they spend their allowance on shitty clothes from 'vintage' stores

    • Devin Lozano

      I saw plenty of faaaat hipsters in austin.

    • Louis

      so true

  • Waterways of Brazil

    Guy in #8 has uncanny large feet. Might be a rather tall hobbit. Also, his date is Amish.

    • Vince

      No shoes, no service … that should be a rule everywhere.

    • metalwest

      i don't think you understand what 'uncanny' means.

      • Mac

        You know what a 'dictionary' is…right?

      • Jon

        Nope, pretty sure that's you, buddy.

    • Jon

      thats in halifax the hipster capitol of nova scotia

      • Jen

        they look fucking amish.

    • www2

      "Also, his date is Amish."

      Yes unlike him…..

    • zowie

      Oh that's right! Amish men are allowed to use laptops . . . but thats it.

  • JWhite89

    My brother said I was a hipster for wearing skinny jeans (because I'm skinny) After seeing this I am wildly offended! hahaha Hipsters are clowns

    • hipsters suck

      you ARE a hipster for wearing skinny jeans

      • GreyGhost9

        i agree, no skinny jeans

    • douche

      if you are male then no skinny jeans….dont you own a mirror? Cant you tell they look horrible??

    • r.pgh

      you're brother was wrong, he should have called you a fag for wearing skinny jeans.

    • capitancoolo

      You are a hipster (and a faggot) for wearing skinny jeans.

    • metalwest

      slim jeans are encouraged. skinny jeans that are skin tight are terrible.

      • Jen

        wait – is this person a male or a female? female…perfectly fine. male…NOOOO!

    • F-oo

      I wear skinny jeans because I'm petite and don't look like a scene kid. I just look like a tiny person with jeans that make me appear taller. I can "pull them off", but flared jeans I cannot. Actually I can, because since I wouldn't be wearing them.. ah you get the point.

  • maverick

    just putting this out there… hipsters are a hundred times worse than any duckface…

  • MacGruber

    The Fuck?

    • OhSomeEvil

      ps. MacGruber is the greatest film in the past 5 Years.

    • zym

      The Who Sells Out called. They said "fuck this fucking bitch".

  • El Jefe

    What the hell happen to men? Man the fuck up!

    • Brad

      our enemies will invade Williamsburg Brooklyn first…

    • Lev

      And why the hell do hipsters drink PBR, almost as a rule?
      Seriously, if you have hipster acquaintances on Facebook, look at any picture where they have a drink in their hands. Prove me wrong.

      • Squeakyniglet

        Like Faygo for juggalos?

  • denleendeko

    This video says it all

    • r.pgh

      that was some catchy shit.

    • Nathan

      You are now my hero…

    • jesssiika

      u guyz suck….

      • Yuri

        Lol dickhead.

  • Too Soon?

    The only difference between gay men and hipsters is that gay men put penises inside of them.

    • ry ry

      So no difference?

      • Some Dude

        The Difference between gay men and hipsters are that gay men are men. (You lobbed yourself a fast ball and still struck out. Fucking retard.)

        • teek

          Ahahahaha!! That's funny. Seriously though, equating hipsters with gays is offensive to gays.

  • Captain Obvious

    #15 natural habitat

  • Jimmy

    Some of them look like Justin Timberlake…OMG Justin Timberlake is a hipster!

  • Michael

    Are all these guys gay or what?

    • Broseph

      Asexual is the new hip.

  • Brazilian salmon

    #23 was rejected from his time machine. Couldn't decide on being from the past or the future. Got stranded here. Fuck.

  • abe

    #27 I like hipster girls

    • dub

      You can tell the difference? I was separating them in my mind as either "Ugly Girl" or "Hot Girl"

  • Sizzle

    #41 I went to a hipster-heavy college in Pa (Shoot me in the fucking skull). Feel like that person went there, too.

  • Name

    Thank god I will never be that hip.

    • Squeakyniglet

      I'm so hip, I'm so hip..! I got a HIP replacement.

  • Slow N Ez

    Kill em all, with fire!!! Quick…

  • Trout Breeder

    #37 Mr Magoo's illegitimate child with a 'strength'-tattoo. Pretty, pretty, prettyyyy good.

  • Wardog

    Fucking Hipsters.

  • disturbed

    #1 Talk about natural disasters…

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what the f*ck is the deal with this pussies? They make even the manlies thing ever, a full grown beard, look gay. WTF?

  • Pol Pot

    sometimes genocide is the answer.

  • Josh Gorter

    #26 The rare albino hipster is rarely out during the day time.

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