Summer bikini appetizers (33 Photos)

  • Ben Muirhead

    #29 mmmmmmmmmmm

    • Beano

      I think I speak for all of us when I say we'd like to see the rest of her.

      • Mart

        ive never agreed with someone more.

    • Raymond

      U r so hot

    • Raymond

      U r hot

  • apple

    Chive you can take the Probably out of your slogan now.

    • Ben Muirhead

      how long you been saving that one up?

  • guest



    • guest

      #8 is pretty much there too

    • travis

      22 lives in Australia, Queensland on the Gold Coast… the stickers give it away… I have narrowed the search down from 6billion to 600,000

      • guest

        Nice work. Keep going!

  • HankT

    #8…hot damn and #30 is cute as hell

    • ausguy

      agreed! moar!

    • Ateka


  • Anakrusix

    Some of these weren't much bikinis… like #3.

    Not that i'm complaining…

    • Sid

      or #16 or #17 bikini thread foul! Take it all off

  • BMW

    Summer! #5 #11 #23 #30

    • ilovethechive

      LOVE the bikini bridge on #23

  • steroid_face

    just looked in the mirror, my steroid face is getting bigger! yea!

  • Joseph Stephens

    #23 It's playing peek-a-boo with us.
    #13 Wow! Gorgeous.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Anyone else duck their head for a better look at #23?

      • FLHomesteader

        I know I got closer to the screen for a better look…..

  • Sharky

    #31 This should be her mandatory outfit on Dancing with the Stars

    • Beldar

      Not including Kirstie Alley of course

    • llano2

      She already hot on the show.

  • 5Banners

    #23….Smooth…..Like a bell pepper!

    • Dood

      Smooth, like Gary Coleman

  • Smithers

    #10, as the great Ricky Bobby once said "God, I hope they're 18"

    • SkyVader

      And: "Someone might as well get me a beer while I'm down here."

  • Boris

    #10 #29 – Must find.

    • jmangus

      the middle girl in 10 i think is kate upton.

  • EdWood

    And not a single "Duckface" was given that day.

  • LineHog

    #26 Angie V ??????????????
    #7 HOT!!!!!
    #2 NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • ranD

      right cause if megan fox knocked on your door you'd say "no thanks" and walk away. jackass

    • Izno

      7 is Bar Refaeli, SI swimsuit model extraordinaire.

  • Shawn

    Can I get arrested for looking at #10? hahahaha and #22 is out of this world, MMOOOAAARRRRR

  • Shawn

    thats one hell of a look #5 is giving us

    • Lumpur

      agreed. they repost this picture a lot though

      • Chesty Laroo

        rosie jones

  • The Bandit

    #5 #8 #22 #30
    …it's not the summer that makes me feel hot….these girls would heat me up even in the coldest winter!

  • A-A

    #8 needs found urgently!

  • orangewhip

    #5 rosie jones: making perfect 10's seem like 2's.

  • ROK247

    elisha puts the OM in OM NOM NOM NOM


    • Adam

      Who doesn't love KIM BAUER man she is gorgeous I love ELISHA.

      • ROK247

        her new TV show isnt horrible either. if only for the fact that you get to see her on it. happy endings on nbc.

        • Jfrost

          My wife loves that show; I wouldn't watch it except for Elisha

    • Jon

      Typical Canadian Hotness.

      • Spivias

        if what you are saying is true, which i doubt
        im moving to canada then

  • PedoBear

    #10 Mmmm daddy like

    • absolutcarcrazy

      mmmm daddy would be super pissed…….

  • misschris

    #21 Those curves are so sexy

    • ilovethechive

      But did you notice the ass on #20…WOW

  • wyattfairchild

    Why has #28 still not been found!?

    • Mark

      Someone MUST identify her! For the love of God..

  • wyattfairchild

    And MOAR of #31 would be nice!

  • uberbrie

    The wife has one that ties in the front…she knows not to wear it around me anymore 🙂

    • Tyler Hobbs

      so then who is she wearing it around?

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