Summer is here: jeans vs daisy dukes (28 Photos)

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  • BobbaFett

    Jeans win!


    • J-Donk

      Jeans – Bra = Epic Win!

  • Mr.

    #3 Joy for my eyes!

    • julius

      Very sexy outfit

  • Bill

    theres no choice you gotta go with Daisy dukes lol

    • ZacJ

      Daisy dukes= Winning



    • Dean

      please sit on my face sweety.

  • AsciiAdam

    Jeans are better when they are almost off the butt. Any other time DD win hands down. They just show more skin. Like #1 is not a fair because she is not "wearing" the jeans.

    • polychonopolous

      give this guy a badge … your dead on … I honestly couldnt choose and that is dead on,,

  • Rampage

    Summer. The greatest of all seasons.

  • Mokuseitora

    Since its a long weekend… I'll take #3 with #5 for Saturday
    #7 with #25 for Sunday
    And for the bonus day… #36 with #27 to make it REALLY Memorial!
    Oh and YOU GO! to all the soldiers out there!

  • CcB

    #20 oh my!

  • Israelmc

    #13 and #21 aw the good old days

  • miker_74

    #26 hate to say it… poorly shopped

  • Freddy Stylez

    DAT ASS. #7

  • big boone

    Still a daisy dukes man but you plead a good case for jeans

  • Adam

    #5 is dope. Her name is Arabella Drummond. I just posted three different posts of hot, tatted up chicks on my pers blog.

  • dalexmu

    daisy dukes definatly won this round!

  • echogeo

    #24 & #25
    Jeans leave just enough to the imagination to up the sexy scale a notch. Dukes are hot, no bout a doubt it, but it's practically ALL out there.

  • mith

    ummmm its a tie for me…
    #21 I'd still do her….

  • hybridqube

    #22 FTW…makes the case for jeans

    • tony

      no it doesn't! she's taking them off!

  • baldknob

    #23. Hottest 'cause #1: those DD's a more realistic, ie, I've actually seen women wear shorts that short (dog, I love Summer!), #2: DAT ASSSS!, and #3: she's fucking HOT!

    • baldknob

      Hmmm, when I say one, two, three, I meant reasons, not those other chicks. Oh, well.

  • Trent

    #18 Brigade y u no censor like theChive!

  • J-Donk

    Can I have both?

  • JLE

    With women that look this good, who really cares. These fine specimens would look great in anything, or nothing. Hint for a NSFW post…;)

  • absolutcarcrazy

    Which one do you want? Good b/c ill take anything.

  • Sam

    Daisy's are much easier to get into.

  • antiskubforlife

    #19 makes a very strong case for decked out in denim…

  • Anonymous

    # 2 FAIL

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