• Spank the Monkey

    Funny as hell!

  • ryan


    • b-ry

      agree. Will Farrell is played out in my opinion. he has some gem movies but he plays the SAME role in every one. he needs to learn how to act.

      you see 1 of his movies….you've seen em all.

      • Danny Ong

        you might wanna check out Stranger Than Fiction if you want to be proven wrong

        • b-ry

          ok…so he's done 1 movie with a different role…out of like 50.

          he doesn't make me laugh anymore.

          • Justin Hall

            "Everything Must Go" is another film where he acts against his character. He's surprisingly good in it.

        • dong

          i went and watched it after reading your post… that was a great movie… im surprised that it only got 7.8 on imdb… i never knew he could act so well.

      • @anthonykuh

        but they are stil funny

      • ????

        have you seen any of zach's movies? same thing. but damn is he funny. his character is almost as good as his stand-up.

    • dong

      I like Will Ferrel old school. His new stuff has been meh. In fact, office with Will Ferrell was meh too. Kind of like Adam Sandler, old stuff was funny, new stuff… meh… but why?!

  • Admiral

    Go straight to 3:05. Well worth it

    • +blitzkrieg

      Go straight to 4:54, its the best part.

  • King of Internets


  • Sharky

    Really? I thought this was the weakest installment of this series (except for the John Hamm cameo)

    • DefendDallas

      "Was like 2 1/2 years ago…" Lol, outloud…

  • eric

    i thought that sketch was gonna be better

  • efrainoscar


  • Baker

    fucking love Jon Ham

  • Brad

    Zach's other Between the Ferns interviews are funnier…

    • miles

      no doubt. the feeding part was fantastic.. but the natalie portman, steve carrell ones are so good.

      • Jim

        "My Dick's bigger than that"

        • Justin Hall

          "When you go to the beach and swim out past the buoys, do people mistake you for an island?"

    • BeccaB86

      They're all pretty funny, but the Charlize Theron interview when she said she just pissed herself… I almost pissed myself laughing so hard.

  • Between Two Ferns -

    […] Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis: Between Two Ferns : theCHIVE Funny stuff right here __________________ "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." – Benjamin Franklin […]

  • miles

    nice one jackass. you were pretty excited about that one weren't you?

    • King of Internets

      He made a custom screen name for it and everything.
      What a waste 😦

  • jason in pc

    i love these guys

  • Brand_n

    Will Ferrell's best material has to be the several episodes of Eastbound and Down he was in.

  • Mr_Rob

    It was kinda boring…

  • Charlie


  • Henrik

    I bet they messed up that strawberry part a couple of times 😛

  • Denis

    That was not funny. I laugh at the faces Zach makes, just because his face is funny looking to me, but the actual sketch was really really bad.

  • drewggles

    greatest actors..ever…..ever

  • BabyMistakes

    The little girl cameo was perfect. Because, who was that?

  • walkingtheriver

    "Is that not the nicest cherry?"

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    Bring on the hate but I just don't find W.F. very funny. Mildly amusing sometimes, but I don't think I ever once laughed out loud at his silly antics.
    Ecept maybe on SNL when he'd parody "W".

  • charlie

    they are great- if you are a middle schooler.

  • Anon

    The end was funny, otherwise that was dumb.

  • rainier

    no solo eres un idiota, si no aun fallas en eso

    • King of Internets

      I think the proper way to say that is:
      "No solo eres un idiota, si no aun fallas en eso."

      Use proper Spanish when slinging insults over the internets, please.

  • Ross Huddleston

    title is grossly misleading… everyone knows the 2 funniest people in the world are Louis CK and Louis CK.

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