• olefish

    I choose DIe.


    where the FUCK is the DAR!!!

  • Kaiser

    gay until the last 30 seconds

  • TiminPhx

    Some have a very low bar for thinking who are the funniest people on this rock.

  • Peej

    I didn't laugh once.

  • orangewhip

    unfortunate. "what's your favorite app…?" was best question and wasn't even responded to. everything else was shit.

  • dave

    That was two and half years ago

  • Andrew Campbell

    im sorry, thats not funny, that was just stupid.

  • DownZero82

    I thought it was funny. The end was probably the funniest.

  • Chase

    Oh man you were so close! Ughh maybe next time huh?

  • Brian Freedman

    Go straight to 4:54. Well worth it.

  • Frylock

    I’m a big fan of both these guys but this was terrible. Not even close to the funniest between two ferns

  • B-b-b-bryan

    I love that Ferrell was wearing a Lakers shirts. GO MAVS SUCKA!!!

  • Ski81

    I love btw two ferns. are you ticklish ? did you shave you v for vagina? my girl friend looks a little like you and a lot like dog the bounty hunter. did you ever think to follow your parents into comedy?

  • Big Daddy Greg

    Idiots…that is all

  • jim yan

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