Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • n1ghtstalker

    #3 and #6 were definitely my favourite parts of this week!
    Smiley Gap Hump and Lauren in yoga pants. That could even see me through next week!

    • n1ghtstalker

      Ouch! Fail! who changed the numbers on me! #7.

      • Surf and Snow

        Ha ha!

    • Ace Rimmer

      Yeah, I was pretty sure number six was NOT Lauren in yoga pants.

  • steve

    Names for #11 #20 and #24 ?

    • andrewsalerno

      yeah, their names are Nocha, Hanson, Helen

      • WLT

        Nocha ????, Hanson ??????, Helen ?????

    • BSampson

      #11 Alyssa Marie

      • Arabiannights

        Beware – if you google "Alyssa Marie" one link will appear saying it is the website for a young and talented model…and she's young indeed – only about 7. I was quite saddened and have abandoned my search should pedobear ask me how I spent my afternoon.

    • shoppedChivettes

      use tineye dot com…
      you will see that the #20 "chivette" is photosho0pped like most of the "chevettes" in here…

  • ferisjag

    More pls for 33 and 40.

    • Sandy

      #33 & #40?

  • cass

    boring friday

  • Ace Rimmer

    That's how I like mine….
    Just gonna end it there

  • HCMike

    I could stare at #20 all fuckin' day!

    • joeybeadz


      • GreyGhost9

        i have been

  • ontherun1989

    #3 oh, well hey there beautiful.

  • Tyler Z. Smithfield

    #38 Ah, The American Dream

  • cmonstur

    #5 and #29

    Love you Chive. ❤

  • MrRushing

    Anybody else wanna who #16 is?

    • Fernando Martinez Jr.

      Yes please.

    • willowshade

      Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top 😀

    • Julia

      Elizabeth Marxs

      • MrRushing

        Well thank you Julia! Let's hear it for Julia! It's nice to put a name to the beauty.

    • fame777

      i just know its not that cow from Madmen…

    • Faustino Junge Hasen Aguirre


  • Poontangler

    #20, #44 – OH SWEET LORD!!!

  • Surf and Snow

    #44 Good lord YES PLEASE!!!

  • Surf and Snow

    #24 Pedobear approved! 😉

  • Frank
  • PTG

    #34 – Great for staying legal. Horrible if you like to fuck underage girls.

  • PTG

    #37 Pink knows the perfect back arc.

  • rich

    what is her name?

  • caleb

    #7 oh dear sweet hell Lauren, you might just make my month!

    • Lotus

      Well you're in luck, the chive seems unable have a post without lauren in it lately.

      I personally have had enough lauren (and the other two) for a long time. The chive should focus more on something actually funny or entertaining to post rather than trying to convince random "chivettes" to send them softcore porn and throwing up repeats every DAR. Its been way too long since I lol'd at something on this site. But, it's easier to post girls, and they give the site more hits so I guess I can understand the chive's motive.

      • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

        Good Point, but its not their fault if you don't laugh at the funny pics, if everything bores you, then submit something chive whorty! and please, don't act like you don't enjoy the sexy chivers, Lauren IS beautiful, and for what I can read, funny as well. All the chivettes deserve, if not admiration, al least, respect.

      • Israelmc

        can't we all just get along?

  • Paige


  • Nathan

    #20 Google "Planet Camdyn"

    #50 I couldn't stop laughing after seeing this

    • el bastardo

      yupper,thats that ass indeed

    • Nope

      You burst my bubble with your advice 😦

  • tgtg

    not a very good top 50. weak week, chive.

  • Shad

    Yes Please…..
    #7 #20 #24 #33

    • k-9

      I would respectfully ad #3. Thank-you for your time.

  • will

    #50 #29 just an awesome combo

  • Ugnnhh

    Would any chivers mind telling me what they call it when a woman bends over giving a smile – a smile of the genitals? #3

    • Wayne

      I can't speak for anyone else, but I call it "awesome".

    • gurndog


      • Bob

        She's showing you two of her fave parts at the same time…

    • BlindMelon

      I call it the Vertical Smile

  • MacNCheesePro

    #38 inspires me!

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